Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sign I'm Getting Old?

This morning, I was trying to read the newspaper (I actually still do that most days). It was nice and quiet in my house. Then, something caught my eye. I saw something that was blue and red rise over the fence. I walked to the back door and saw it was one of those inflatable water slides. I thought it was strange, since I believe there's school this week and figured no one would use it. Imagine my surprise when ten minutes later, a group of teenage girls were on the slide, screeching like they were at a Jonas Brothers concert or something. It has been going on for two hours now (aren't they tired, sore or sunburned?). I took a picture on the sly - didn't want them to call the cops. This is what I see from one of my windows.
PLEASE tell me they won't start this on Saturday at 8AM! I'm kind of afraid I'm turning into Mr. Wilson from "Dennis the Menace!" I'm wondering if this is even allowed by my HOA? Darned kids!
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