Friday, July 29, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

I think Lady Gaga considers this "toned down."
Eva Longoria is pole dancing - for Desperate Housewives. Nope. Still not watching that.

Martha Stewart's company may need a revamp.

Joe Pesci is suing the people behind that Gotti film.

Is there really a need for a reality show on what's left of soap stars?

That Osama bin Laden movie is on the fast track.

I will only support a sequel to Bridesmaids if the trailer looks at least half as funny as the original.

Morgan Freeman would like the GOP to stop using his voice double.

Selena Gomez is 19.
I feel sorry for Zsa Zsa. Her husband is crazy.

Apparently, you can count this "reality star" as a contestant on DWTS.

Maybe this actress's Grey's Anatomy training will get her through her pregnancy.

Not sure this would have made one of the Twilight movies better.

Don't mess with Alex Trebek.

Stories like this don't make me like Katherine Heigl.

Denise Richards is doing so much press, I have no reason to buy her book (not that I was planning on buying it - SWEAR).

Fine. Giorgio Armani looks great for a 77-year-old man. But WHY the teeny swimsuit? Is it shrinking?
Sounds like my favorite vampire is single.

I am super excited about the new additions to Community!

I also can't wait for Parks and Recreation to return!

Hugh Hefner's "Runaway Bride" is sharing way too much information about their relationship.

Selma Blair has a new baby boy.

Steven Spielberg's big ol' boat made some beachgoers angry.

Ben Affleck's new hair is kind of creepy.
Also, creepy: this wax statue of Brad Pitt.

So, this couple didn't break up.

Cutie Carey Mulligan is engaged.

See? Tattoos aren't forever.

General Hospital is drawing more guests.

AWK. WARD. Dolly Parton rapped about boobs.

New mom Mariah Carey must be sleep-deprived.

Oh, good. Kim Kardashian has something wrong with her. So, friends, she really is not perfect. Stop pressuring her.

Lauryn Hill had another baby.

Cameron Diaz could crush you with her arms.
Ozzy Osbourne paid a whole lot of money for a puppy.

Dave Chappelle is still acting strange.

Those Beckahms are good people.

Glee's creator talks about the casting changes.

Goldie Hawn looks great, but her smile makes my face hurt.

Divorce? What divorce? This is how Jennifer Lopez celebrated her birthday.

I'm judging Teri Hatcher by this photo: she reeks of patchouli and B.O.
A reality starlet and her football player fiance are done.

Leighton Meester's mom sounds horrible.

Charlie Sheen's troubled ex-wife is back in rehab.

If this is true, Jennifer Aniston might be moving a little fast.

Katy Perry totally got into the Smurf spirit.

Vanilla Ice is making a prediction about Justin Bieber.

Rest in peace, Amy Winehouse.
And Linda Christian.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Animals Fight Back

Look, it's not that I think people are going out into the world to pick fights with animals. But the animals have clearly had enough.

Have you heard about this story about the shark that jumped onto a research boat? Oh, it's not just any shark. It was a GREAT WHITE SHARK! Here's the closest thing to video I could find of that incident.

I'm disappointed that in this day, there's no actual video of this happening, but the pictures scare me. And is that really the boat these researchers are using to look for great whites? They clearly need a bigger boat!

Don't like the water? Well, hiking isn't much safer. Did you hear about these teens who were out for a long hike in Alaska when a grizzly came at them? The big bear tore up seven of the kids!

I totally get that those kids, like the shark researchers, had wandered into the animal's territory. I don't even blame the animals for these things. But I know that I am less interested in going into shark-infested waters and areas where bears roam because I am pretty sure I would be paralyzed with fear and unable to scream/run/fight for my life.

You can keep the outdoors. I'll stay inside where my biggest threat is the cat who seems to want to kill me in my sleep.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Drew Barrymore looks amazing!
I'm not so sure Sharon Osbourne's "break" from The Talk is her doing.

Shannen Doherty is televising her wedding. I might be excited about this if we were in 1992.

Ricky Martin is talking about his future.

Daniel Craig is eager to get to work on the next Bond movie.

NBC has apparently had enough of Maria Menounos.

So, Lindsay Lohan thinks she's smarter than a judge.

Is there anything David Beckham can't do?

Not a fan of Matt Damon's new look.
Judging by pictures I've seen of her, these claims about Britney Spears don't really surprise me.

Did you miss the nominees for MTV's VMAs?

That George Clooney is such a prankster!

Here's more potential DWTS casting news.

Adele is a scaredy cat.

When did Jerry Hall get a grandma's body?
Two things I don't like are becoming one: Chris Brown got a part in a romantic comedy.

Eric Dane is in rehab.

Did you see Ryan Gosling get a case of the giggles?

Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio might not be a thing anymore.

The biggest breakup of the week may be Clark Kent and Lois Lane.


I don't know for sure, but I do believe Paris Hilton "stormed out of an interview" just to get people to talk about her. So, congrats, Paris! You win! Oh. Wait. You hoped it would get people to watch your reality show? Sorry.

James Franco is single.

Bette Midler has a beef with Lady Gaga.

Still not interested in Two And A Half Men. BTW - where's the "half" in this picture?
How many Kardashian sisters does the world REALLY need?

I like the oddities of Ralph Fiennes.

If you think you can handle pictures of Coco in a bikini, here you go.

So, The Coop even looks good covered in mud. Did he comb his hair?
Maya Rudolph has a baby boy.

Unexpected side effect of the Beckham's naming their baby Harper? This.

Who wouldn't want to be Brad Pitt's assistant?

Khloe and Lamar Odom were in a car that killed someone.

The Hoff is the new Hef.

Serena Williams.
Too much muscle? How about Ciara?

You can rent the beach house of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, but it'll cost you.

Oh, good. Eva Longoria is sexing a lady in a new movie. Can't wait to not see that one.

If this new couple report is true, I'm creeped out. Wait. Debunked. Phew!

I still think Stephanie Seymour's relationship with her son is odd.

Charlie Sheen might be returning to television - but not in MY house.

Celebriteen wedding crashers!

I really hope parents aren't taking their kids to see Rihanna - unless they're ready to have The Talk.
David Beckham explains the reasoning behind his daughter's middle name.

Kinda creepy: Kyra Sedgewick is a distant cousin of her hubby, Kevin Bacon.

This barely-celebrity couple married.

Eva Longoria's Las Vegas nightclub isn't a thing.

Pictures like this make me think hygiene is not high on Kristen Stewart's "to do" list.

Soon, you'll be able to smell just like Taylor Swift.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are getting divorced. And I'm beginning to wonder if it was one big (sad if true) publicity stunt?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I See Strange Things

I've stumbled into a few more oddities. Some you may think you need - but I promise you really don't. So let's take a look at what I've found.

Lady Gaga Paper Doll
Don't get me wrong, I love me some Lady Gaga. Really. I do. And while, like Gaga, I want you to be as free as your hair, this paper doll kit will not put you on the "Edge of Glory." It may very well get you a trip to a mental hospital. Wait. Let me think about that. Quiet time at a place where you don't have to do chores? Sounds like a good vacation.

This may be fine for adults. For kids? I would really worry about a paper doll kit that comes with a pancake bra and bacon and egg panty. I have no beef with the Etch-a-Sketch panty, though I think it might not be accurate (or maybe it looks that way to be a little more discreet?).

Now, if someone can tell me where I can get a dog top like the one in this sketch, I may have some shopping to do!

Now, of all the silly things to do with stretchy fabric that looks like denim wear, this takes the panties. And I just realized I've talked about panties twice in this post. To my friends who don't like the word "panties," I half-heartedly apologize.

I am not convinced pajama jeans are a good idea. But seeing what happened when the ladies at Jezebel tried these junderpants, I am convinced these are a horrible idea. This shows how this normal-sized lady can't get crack-less coverage in these things. And look at how they fit! Could they make the butt look less cute? Don't ladies. Just don't.

Solar-Powered Bikini
Look. I love that more people are taking advantage of the sun. I would completely go solar at my house if someone gave me $20,000. But as much as I hate it when my iPod's battery goes kaput (listening to the radio is almost like waterboarding - without the wet), I would not dare risk a sunburn just to keep listening to my tunes or playing Words With Friends.

Don't even think of taking this in the pool. It's probably not meant for that or beach trips. And it looks hot. Not like "sexy" hot, but "my God, am I having a heat stroke" hot.

Also, by the looks of this bikini, you need to have  your breasts inflated. Hidden cost the iKini people aren't telling you. I am. You're welcome.

People Popsicles
Let's get one thing straight: I LOVE POPSICLES!

Heck, I'm even a bit intrigued by the flavor of this one.

But the idea of eating a popsicle with a face is super creepy. I have no desire to lick an actual person's face, let alone one that comes from a mold of either a real person or a movie/animated creature. Click the link in the title to see more of the shapes. Can you imagine sucking on a Marilyn Monroe popsicle? If your answer is yes, please don't tell me/post pictures/make a youtube video of it. And if you know me, please keep it to yourself forever or we can't be friends anymore. The flavors this company has sound amazing and from the looks of the photos, these things are huge! Unless they come in normal shapes, I can't do it. Not unless they're heavy on the vodka, light on the cranberry and I pass out at the end.

For more don'ts, click here.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

When doesn't Christie Brinkley look great? NOTE: Wind was blowing up her dress, she was NOT doing the pee pee dance.
This is not Alicia Keys' best look.

Not that the Espys are important awards, but it was an excuse for some ladies to show off their goodies.

Kate Hudson chose a pretty random name for her new son.

Lindsay Lohan says she would have been perfect in Black Swan.

Jake Gyllenhaal came a little too close to crime.

I love these ladies on Community. In this magazine layout - not so much.
Kelly Osbourne did a little bit of crime fighting.

I don't know why I'm excited about the Emmy Awards. But these reactions to the nominations are pretty funny.

I am undecided about seeing the new Bourne movie without Matt Damon.

Those Glee kids will graduate.

I will not believe any Brad and Angelina are getting married story until I see a marriage certificate.

Daniel Baldwin is getting divorced.

Heidi Klum is bendy.
R. Kelly is losing his home.

In case you were wondering, Chris Brown is still a jerk.

Perhaps Roseanne doesn't like movies because she never made a good one?

This new couple is interesting. So is this one.

I'm not surprised one of the Olsens smokes, just disappointed.

Sarah Jessica Parker has turned her twins into mini-models.
Jessica Alba doesn't want you to see her in a bikini.

Ted Danson is headed to network TV.

Pretty ladies struggle through workouts, too!

Mila Kunis earned some serious cool points (and perhaps set a scary precedent). Now, I take the cool points away.

Rihanna covered Sweet Home Alabama.

I am SO going to watch this next summer!

Desperate Housewives could be on the way out.

Courtney Cox is sharing beauty tips online.

Does this make you want to hear Jennifer Lopez's new single?
Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting some movie work.

Read this Helena Bonham Carter story at your own risk.

WOW! Jaclyn Smith and Lynda Carter look awesome!

Russell Crowe is tweeting his diet.

Remember Sinead O'Connor?

I can't believe Cindy Crawford's daughter is not a model (yet).
If you think you don't need to wear sunblock, please see Rosie O'Donnell.

Not surprised Octomom can't control her kids. The actual surprise: no one has taken them away from her.

James Franco is still not taking responsibility for his awful Oscars hosting stint.

Halle Berry's life has become a horror film.

I'm officially excited about the Knocked Up sequel.

Kate Hudson had a baby boy. While the Beckhams welcomed (what's sure to be a chic) baby girl. Jewel has a baby boy.

One actress can't get work so she's selling shoes.

FYI: Gwyneth Paltrow can still rock a bikini.
A football player/DWTS contestant was busted for DWI.

A member of Wilson Phillips may lose her home.

McSteamy's going to be a daddy again.

I know it's hot in Texas, but I had no idea this would happen at Rihanna's Dallas show.

I like Oprah, but not in an Oscar host kind of way.

I have figured it out. I like Justin Timberlake in six minute increments - not entire movies.

Rob Lowe is making Lifetime movies now?

Elizabeth Taylor's house has been sold.

Rest in peace (and thanks for the memories), Sherwood Schwartz.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Bastille Day!

Full disclosure: I'm not French and had to consult the experts (Wikipedia) to determine if this is a cause for celebration or mourning. The conclusion: it's worthy of celebrating. Pop a bottle of bubbly or have some french fries!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Do You Know These People?

My inbox has become full of photos recently. When I first started writing about personalized license plates, I had no idea there were so many. Now, it's become something I can't miss (and since mentioning it to my friend, Adam, he can't seem to stop spotting them). So, rather than hold onto them and share them one by one, I'm emptying my inbox and phone here.
When I first saw this license plate, I noticed the blue star (Cowboys fan?).

Then, I realized it was trying to tell me something:

GET 12

Get 12? What does that mean? Then, it hit me.

Get one, too.

Ugh. Lame. You want a world where everybody has a BMW? Or are you inviting a thief to swipe your car? Either way, I am not on board.

Yet another one of those fancy, individualized plates. But it also says something.


Is this a misplaced Cubs fan (this is South Texas, not Chicago)? Or does the driver have a child on a little league team by that name?

Whatever the case, I think it's a good commitment to the team. This person is in it no matter what - push them around when the team is lousy, then give 'em a wave when the team is doing well. No fair-weather fan on board!

This, I love!

I like the little dog and cat on the left side of the license plate (why don't I have one of those?). I like that the plate says "4 PAWZ." Well, I don't like that paws is spelled with a "z." That's actually a peeve of mine. Perhaps "4 PAWS" was taken?

If you like animals so much that you're willing to put it on your license plate, do it! But maybe this driver should also have a "I Brake For Dogs" sticker - or something to that effect - on the bumper just so people know where he/she stands.

This one's a little harder to see.


Now, this hardly looks like the kind of car that would have a rod and reel in the trunk. So I'm going to guess the driver is FISHN for something else.

  • Stares
  • Compliments
  • Love
  • Whistles
  • Gas money
I have no idea what this one means.


The black background makes me think there was some thought put into this - it's not the typical plate.

But what's CR? And why does the driver LUV it/him/her?

Totally stumped. If you know what it means, please let me know.

I know this one is hard to see. If you can't squint to read it, here's what it says:


Is this a name for the red sporty car? Does this person like comic books? Is this driver computer savvy? Is this person into gross dog humor? Does he/she like beer? Is the driver a basketball fan? So many questions, but I don't know the driver so it's all a big mystery.

Oh, Joe.

That's what it says right next to the blue star.


That's cool and all until he goes to sell the car. Anyone not named Joe will have to buy new license plates. I wonder if that next owner will keep the tradition of naming the car after him/herself?

Here's another one that stumps me.


Now, I'm pretty sure that if this belonged to the FBI, they would have government plates and not exactly advertise the agency (would make undercover work hard). 

So, I'll guess that the people who ride in this car have a last name starting with "G."

And here's the last one in my inbox:


Now, judging by that and the little longhorn to the upper left of the license plate, I'm going to say this driver likes the University of Texas (not hookers, though I'm not judging that).

I feel so much better now that I have emptied my inbox and phone of all those license plate photos! If you want to interpret some of the other license plates I've featured, click here.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

This is clearly not meant to make me interested in Horrible Bosses.
This is the fattest you'll ever see Victoria Beckham.

If you're keeping tabs, Lindsay Lohan is still out of touch with reality.

Tony Parker is keeping busy (and probably making his management team nervous).

Ryan Phillippe's Baby Mama has delivered.

Jessica Simpson has released another perfume I'm not interested in wearing.

I'm a little more curious about that Dragon Tattoo movie.

Justin Timberlake shared an awkward story.

Megan Fox wants you to know her face is real (no word on the rest of her).
Jake Gyllenhaal is a MAN.

This casting news for The Office is exciting!

Michael Jackson kept a few secrets - probably not what you think.

Oprah's now a teacher.

Hair don't. Also, Lady Gaga might be dying.
I absolutely do not think it's crazy for a 49-year-old famous actor to paint his face like a tiger for his birthday. Or do I?

I don't think I'll tune in to this reality show.

I cannot believe these are the highest paid actresses.

Ellen Pompeo makes me really want to see The Help.

Interesting casting in that Aaron Sorkin HBO show.

I saw Joan Rivers do this on The View this week and it made me laugh, then think, "I am SO glad she's not my mother!"

OOH! Stylish opposites!
Wondering if Comedy Central is paying Charlie Sheen in cash, hookers or his favorite white, powdery substance?

These two are giving a relationship another try.

I hope these two work it out.

Stars embarrass themselves, so they're JUST LIKE US!

Amy Fisher needs more help than Dr. Drew can offer.

Janice Dickinson looks much older than 56 (and hungry).
The musical perfect for spinsters: Bridget Jones.

Harry Potter had a drinking problem.

Nic Cage's son is having problems. Real problems.

Richie Sambora's girlfriend is a bit scandalous.

UPDATE: Jesse James is still a douchebag.

Sean Penn has a new girlfriend.

I kind of like that Reese Witherspoon is all covered up. Unlike Eva Longoria.
Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johannson are divorced. So is George Lopez.

Ricky Gervais likes to make faces.

Glee is losing one of its kids.

Maria Shriver has made it official. I wonder if she'll take this deal?

Rick Springfield is probably headed for Celebrity Rehab.

Kate Moss is married. I'm guessing there wasn't much food at the reception. You know, because she doesn't eat.

Of COURSE Hollywood is turning that What to Expect When You're Expecting book into a movie.

Can someone explain what Kim Kardashian is doing here?
A Thor sequel? Can't wait to not see that!

See? Mom was right! If you keep making faces, they'll stick!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Facebook Is At It Again

The other day, my friend Julie saw this ad on her page and asked a good question:
Is this baby wearing a wig? It was kind of hard to see on her monitor. I mean, it looked like it, but it was kind of hard to tell.

Later, I saw the ad on my page and was able to see it clearly. YES, THAT BABY IS WEARING A WIG!

So, judging by the "learn to become a social worker program" ad, I detect a few possibilities.

  1. This baby needs to be taken away from her family because they have put a weave in her hair.
  2. That's not a real baby. It's one of those dolls that you pull the hair to make it long, then chop it off. (Totally fun until all your doll has is hair nubs that are too short to cut)
  3. Once again, FB has just allowed a random photo to be used in its ads.
I've written about this before. I've never created a FB ad, but it's beginning to appear that when building the ad, you can insert your own photo or let them choose a stock photo. How else did Anderson Cooper wind up in an ad for singles?

It's good to know FB is like that creepy relative who only forwards emails to you but never really asks how you're doing or tells you anything about him/her. You love that person anyway, but kind of wish they'd knock it off (hint, hint, FB).