Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Animals Fight Back

Look, it's not that I think people are going out into the world to pick fights with animals. But the animals have clearly had enough.

Have you heard about this story about the shark that jumped onto a research boat? Oh, it's not just any shark. It was a GREAT WHITE SHARK! Here's the closest thing to video I could find of that incident.

I'm disappointed that in this day, there's no actual video of this happening, but the pictures scare me. And is that really the boat these researchers are using to look for great whites? They clearly need a bigger boat!

Don't like the water? Well, hiking isn't much safer. Did you hear about these teens who were out for a long hike in Alaska when a grizzly came at them? The big bear tore up seven of the kids!

I totally get that those kids, like the shark researchers, had wandered into the animal's territory. I don't even blame the animals for these things. But I know that I am less interested in going into shark-infested waters and areas where bears roam because I am pretty sure I would be paralyzed with fear and unable to scream/run/fight for my life.

You can keep the outdoors. I'll stay inside where my biggest threat is the cat who seems to want to kill me in my sleep.
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