Thursday, July 7, 2011

Facebook Is At It Again

The other day, my friend Julie saw this ad on her page and asked a good question:
Is this baby wearing a wig? It was kind of hard to see on her monitor. I mean, it looked like it, but it was kind of hard to tell.

Later, I saw the ad on my page and was able to see it clearly. YES, THAT BABY IS WEARING A WIG!

So, judging by the "learn to become a social worker program" ad, I detect a few possibilities.

  1. This baby needs to be taken away from her family because they have put a weave in her hair.
  2. That's not a real baby. It's one of those dolls that you pull the hair to make it long, then chop it off. (Totally fun until all your doll has is hair nubs that are too short to cut)
  3. Once again, FB has just allowed a random photo to be used in its ads.
I've written about this before. I've never created a FB ad, but it's beginning to appear that when building the ad, you can insert your own photo or let them choose a stock photo. How else did Anderson Cooper wind up in an ad for singles?

It's good to know FB is like that creepy relative who only forwards emails to you but never really asks how you're doing or tells you anything about him/her. You love that person anyway, but kind of wish they'd knock it off (hint, hint, FB).
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