Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This Will Make My Mother Happy


I have received more than one phone call from my mother asking/demanding I marry Anderson Cooper. It's not that I wouldn't do that in a heartbeat, it's that I don't think he'd be happy (just Google him if you don't understand that it's not me, it's him). She doesn't seem to care about that.

Then, this morning while I was checking Facebook, I spotted this ad:
Take a good look at the guy in the picture. He looks awfully familiar.
Is that a photo of Anderson in the ad? I'm pretty sure he's not single. Also, I'm fairly certain that this guy - who is awkwardly shy - is not trolling the Internet for a potential love match.

Now, while I usually find those FB ads creepy, I'll give them credit for not making me roll my eyes completely. Who wouldn't want their own Silver Fox? I must have mentioned that I love The Coop and they assumed that's what's missing from my life. I get my fix on CNN at night and on Twitter. That's good enough for me. Unless there's a Cooper Clone. I'll take one of those, please. But if the ad is offering old dudes, I'll pass and say FB is back in the creep zone.
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