Friday, February 4, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

This is the ad everyone was watching this week.

Jennifer Aniston made Perez Hilton nice.

Not sure it's necessary, but this cartoon duo is coming back.

I forgot all about this actor, who's getting divorced.

This late night funny guy is a new dad.

The White Stripes broke up.

Something that was very close and personal to Farrah Fawcett is going to The Smithsonian.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has the world's best agent.

Lindsay Lohan might have sticky fingers.

This story about David Blaine's blizzard baby is crazy.

Diana Ross is just like me!

I have a greater appreciation for Hugh Jackman.

This recently-split couple had a reunion.

Elton John is sending some tough love Billy Joel's way.

Jane Lynch is writing a memoir.

Mariah Carey is having a boy AND a girl.

These are fun, but still not enough to get me to see a Tyler Perry movie.

Good news for Katie Holmes: that Kennedys thing has a home.

Those Glee kids made nicey-nice with Lindsay Lohan.

Hello, Bo Derek!

This SNL host/performer combination is, um, interesting.

I am SO on board with this potential Bond villain!

Halle Berry is ready to fight to keep her baby. And it looks like it's going to be ugly.

Is Ben Affleck to blame for Keith Olbermann's ouster?

Sorry. Can't find any bit of Jeff Goldblum hot.

You can find the answer to the question "Who is the most desirable woman of 2011?" here.

If this is true, Hollywood has a better sense of humor than I thought.

I really hate seeing photos of celebrities without makeup - not because I feel bad for them, but because I know I look worse. Except maybe here.

Julianne Moore makes Talbots look sexy.
Still waiting for someone to tell me why Olivia Munn is famous - other than the obvious.

One more reason I find Andrew Garfield adorable.

When you pose naked, should you really be surprised that you look naked in the photo?

If you want to see a kind-of-celebrity get married on TV, here's your chance.

Christina Applegate has a baby girl.

Y'all, Christian Slater is NOT dead.

Guess which Bosom Buddy is on The Facebook?

Pam Anderson clearly does not use Botox.

One DWTS pro is skipping the next season.

Gwyneth Paltrow confuses me. Either she thinks people are mean and she wants to give them the metaphorical finger, or she wants to curl up and cry. PICK ONE, LADY.

An old rocker (musician, not chair) is going to jail.

This divorce seemed to be settled at record speed.

Justin Timberlake turned 30 this week.

Despite all those awards and pretty dresses, Claire Danes is just like us.

I'm a bit iffy on the new Superman.

Apparently, you can count on Britney Spears not upstaging you at your wedding.

Guess who's out of rehab?

This celebrity Twitter feud makes me roll my eyes.

Another rapper has gotten a ridiculous tattoo. Want to know who will regret this? Click here. And in case you missed it, here's the other ridiculous rapper tattoo.
This movie mother-son pairing could be fun.

Does Jeff Zucker have a crush on Katie Couric?

Charlie Sheen, just, ugh. And he's falling apart. Also, not technically in rehab (yet). And his shenanigans are costing CBS a lot of cash.

Mark Wahlberg has another project in the works. I think he can do no wrong (not just because he could beat the crap out of me).

The Director's Guild Awards were last weekend.

The SAG Awards were also this weekend. Here's what the stars wore.

It doesn't get more awkward than this.

That Charlie's Angels reboot is really happening.

So is Dallas. This news makes me a little more interested in it.

The Sundance Film Festival ended and I can't wait to see some of the big winners.

This Scarlett Johansson is better than this one.

Because I would not like to be on Christian Bale's bad side, I am totally on board with this.

FINALLY! This guy is acting his age.

Jeff Buckley biopic? Yes, please!

Seems like Sherri Shepherd is playing herself in her next TV show.

Kevin Smith is totally on the crazy train.

This guy's lucky he's not going to prison. Not sure how inmates would treat a TV cop.

Here's some promising news on the new Bond movie.

I'm fairly certain Diddy isn't worrying about this lawsuit.

A former Facts of Life star says she loves ladies.

Rest in peace, Maria Schneider.
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