Friday, January 14, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Look, y'all! Amy Winehouse is still alive!

The new cast for Celebrity Apprentice seems like a mashup of Celebrity Rehab and "I don't know how I got here, but my agent is totally fired."

There is apparently a contract battle over Desperate Housewives.

An actress I totally forgot about is pregnant.

Here's a peek at the new Spiderman.

I now know the meaning behind this bizarre face tattoo. I still think this rapper will regret that some day.

Martha Stewart's dog might be trying to kill her.

Thanks to this, I know more than I ever needed to know about Sting and Trudie Styler.

Break out your shoulder pads for this movie.

Here's an example of fine parenting.

Look who's a new spokesmodel!

Playboy Bunny fight?

A group of musicians had their drug-filled cruise interrupted.

I don't get this.

Jenny Craig has a new spokesperson.

This is fun!

I could almost screech about this SYTYCD news!

New celebrity baby!

Nicole Kidman admits to what we already knew.

The Green Hornet is based on a socialite?

There's a very real possibility Charlie Sheen will die or his wiener will fall off.

Now you know...

This interview makes me excited for the return of Parks and Recreation.

Good news: there will be a new Bond movie. Bad news: must wait nearly two years for it. :(

I didn't get the fascination with this actress until I saw that she posed in see-through panties.

Love at first sight is not something I usually believe in, but this story might change my mind.

I don't know that this is the example to set for young girls.

I don't love her movies, but I do love her awesome body.

Something is wrong when this girl is being told to lose weight.

I'm not sure who dumped who, but Courtney Love and Twitter are no more.

Jay-Z has invested in a new business.

Here's how Ricky Gervais gets ready for the Golden Globes.

It looks like Eva Longoria is erasing the reminder of her failed marriage.

I totally don't  understand this bathing suit.

This singer is pregnant.

Rachel Zoe is having the most fashionable boy.

This photo of Steve Martin and his wife makes me happy.

That Ashton Kutcher is trying to change the world - even if it makes you feel icky.

Vanilla Ice tries to stay relevant by talking about his days with Madonna.

Owen Wilson is going to be a dad. (?) And one of his exes is pregnant, too.

Marion Cotilliard is pregnant.

Michael Douglas says he beat cancer.

Fellas, Shakira is single.

My interest in that Dallas reboot is rising.

I think this is Jessica Simpson's supermodel face.
Orlando Bloom is a daddy.

Britney Spears has a new song.

Two celebrities are related to the Tucson shooting victims.

This made me giggle.

Good and confusing news from AMC.

The Kardashians are being sued.

This miniseries has potential.

Africa is holding Jermain Jackson hostage.

This DWTS hottie is a "Bachelor" in his home country.

Glee just keeps getting better!

This news makes me happy AND sad at the same time.

The History Channel said no to Katie Holmes' Jackie O. mini-series. And The Cruises are apparently supersensitive.

Can't Eva Longoria catch a break?

Sarah Palin's TV series is a one-hit wonder.

Yikes. An Oscar winner's next film won't be seen on the big screen.

I'm kind of glad this show won't be coming back to TV.

This star couple is expecting baby number 4.

This funny lady is pregnant.

Don't look for Joan Rivers on the red carpet anymore.

Rest in peace, David Nelson.
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