Sunday, January 2, 2011

Loving Hating Olivia

Every now and then, a book comes my way that I never could have imagined I would love. Then, came this.

The idea of a book written by a man with a title like that sounded interesting. Especially since the subtitle said it was a love story.

I have written here a few times that I am generally opposed to romantic comedies because of their predictable endings. I don't mind getting a giggle out of them, I just hate that they give women the wrong ideas about everything. However, I just couldn't skip this book - love and hate on the cover? How could things go right?

From the moment Max meets Olivia, I knew no good would come of this. I found myself shouting at Max to walk away (never, ever has this changed the outcome of a book, TV show or movie - yet I continue to try to change their courses). Max didn't listen to me. Nope. He was too wrapped up in the crazy S-E-X - which, by the way seemed to happen at least once per chapter. Despite every sign of her craziness, Max was blind to reality.

Unemployed and bills piling up? Just have some sex.

Your girl lets you meet her crazy family - and you still don't think you should run like the wind? Just have some sex.

Your friends and acquaintances advise you to get the hell out of the relationship. Just have some sex.

Your girl constantly calls you a loser and cheats on you. Just have some sex.

Every time, I kept thinking this guy would snap to it. I have known people like Max. I have ended friendships with people like Max because I couldn't stand to see the self-destruction (and those friends have walked away from me rather than hear the truth). But, I only knew Max from the pages of the book, so I could only hope he'd be OK in the end. And if he wasn't, well, it was just a book.

But those pages ... Mark SaFranko's words kept me glued to every chapter! I finished the book in less than two days. Yes, it's not a very long book, but that is still a feat in my list of feats. While I had moments of wanting to punch Max (I didn't - the book isn't very big and I would have hurt myself attempting it), I still liked him. Unlike Olivia, I wanted him to succeed. Max may not have gone on to have the career he wanted, but he still became the better person for trying.

I had no idea that a book with such a smart, nasty title could teach me a lesson found on those annoying motivational posters:
Because if you do, you'll be just fine.
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