Monday, June 30, 2008

British Wine Must Taste Bad

Or Prince Charles is out to ruin my fun.

He's going green. Not like Kermit. And in his own way, it must be easy. He's converted his Aston Martin to run on something other than gas.

It's fueled by wine.
The funny thing? I have some co-workers who are also fueled by wine. I also have some whiny co-workers, but that's another story.

Seriously, readers, I'm not making this up. Read the whole story here.

I'm Here To Save Lives, People

OK. I'm doing this for my own selfish reason: I want you to keep reading my blog.

I read this story in the NY Times about "The 11 Best Foods You Aren't Eating." There are quite a few that I have no interest in. You can follow the link to see why they're so good for you (and how to serve them). Here's the list, and why I like/don't like 'em:
  1. Beets. Um, no thank you. The color scares me. And the fact that it turns your pee colors is disgusting. Have I grossed you out already?
  2. Cabbage. I eat this when it's either in soup or in the form of my grandma's cole slaw.
  3. Swiss Chard. I've seen this at the store, and I've kept right on walking.
  4. Cinnamon. Yes. I'm for this. Especially when it's with chocolate. Oh, and on a roll. With icing.
  5. Pomegranate Juice. Yes, please. And can I get it in a martini glass with a little something special?
  6. Dried Plums. Ew.
  7. Pumpkin Seeds. I do these every now and then. I prefer sunflower seeds (and lately, I'm digging the dill pickle flavored ones).
  8. Sardines. Nope. It's cat food.
  9. Turmeric. This is a spice. I'd have to smell it first. If it doesn't pass that test, it will not see my plate.
  10. Frozen Blueberries. MMMMMM. Berries. Good.
  11. Canned Pumpkin. I like this in a crust, baked with spices and topped with Cool Whip. Some people might call this pumpkin pie.
You're welcome.

Hillbillies Fly, Too!

Here's the proof:
Denise snapped that picture at the airport in San Antonio this morning. Notice the overalls sans shirt? I'm a little disappointed he doesn't have a mullet. That would have completed this look.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

R.I.P. Cornell

This was my second cat, Cornell. I just learned he was put down today. It's so sad. I'm glad I got to see him this week, even if he was somewhat irritated by Chaplin.

I found Cornell when I was working at my first TV job. He followed me to the door of the newsroom, his voice so hoarse he could barely meow. He was about the size of Chaplin. I took him to my parents house (they were out of town). By the time they got back, my first cat, Freckles, was tolerating him and despite the long distance threats to take him to the pound, after one look at the little orange fluff ball, they were smitten with that kitten.

He was born in a florist shop across the street and apparently the smell of fresh flowers reminded him of that. He could never keep his little face out of flowers. He also learned to drink out of a dripping faucet - something he did forever (he preferred fresh water to that stagnant bowl).

He was loud. He thought someone needed to get up with him hours before the alarm clock would go off. He was not named after the university. I was trying to figure out what to call him and when a Soundgarden video came on MTV, I thought Cornell sounded cool. And that's how he got his name.

He loved avocado, sardines, an occasional french fry and a bit of cookie every now and then.

He seemed a little lonely when Mom had to put down Cornell, though he learned to deal with the loss.

When I saw him this week, he had been to the vet for a problem with his left eye (it sometimes was clouded with blood). He put up with us holding him still for eye drops and forcing him to swallow his pill. Last night, he just wasn't doing well. My mom spent the night watching out for him. Then, a decision was made to keep him from suffering anymore. He's being cremated and Mom has saved some of his fur and hopes to clone him.

He was the best cat I'd ever known. I type this through tears, knowing he's with the other four-legged members of our family who've passed.

R.I.P. Cornell. I hope your time with us was better than it would have been on the streets. I know our family was better with you in it.

Unfortunate Headline

Don't you HATE it when hookers fall short?

My Extreme Makeover

There are two things about my hair: it's super curly and it's super long - at least it was.

You see, I had enough of my hair, always being in the way, getting tangled and, most days, winding up in a pony tail. I mentioned it to my Mom, and presto-change-o, I was seeing her stylist for a hair cut.

If he didn't shave his head, he would have curly hair. Not as curly as mine, but still, curls. Those of you with curly hair know why this is important. Let me educate the rest of you: when people cut hair, if they have curls, they understand that the length of your hair after it's been washed is NOT the same once it dries. In my case, my hair, wet and combed out was more than halfway down my back. I explained that I wanted it to be at my shoulders. Within half an hour, my head felt lighter. The floor was littered with curls. Here's one pile of 'em.He carefully blew out my curls, making my hair one lovely mop of straight hair. Until I walked outside and was hit by the humidity. Within half an hour, I could feel my hair growing out - literally. That was the same day we went to see my dad's office (see previous post). I was glad I could pull it into a pony tail because it was not a cute thing - all big and puffy.

I thought about taking a picture of my nub of a pony tail, but realized that wouldn't give you an idea of what I'm dealing with. So, here. I'm only wearing lip gloss - no makeup. Boo!If you think this is short, you should see it curly. You'll have to catch the live show for that.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

How Cute Is THIS?

Chaplin took a nap on the sofa this afternoon. I reached for my phone and snapped a few pictures. I can't believe how big he's gotten! He's seven weeks old now. He's still a talker, a cuddler, and (about an hour before bedtime) a party cat.

He's not happy I put a collar on him. I have it as small as it will go and it's still a little big. When I first tried it two weeks ago, he could slide his front paws through it. Not anymore!

What's Fun About iLike

I came across this site the other day, called iLike. After looking at it, I decided it would be fun if my friends were involved. Here's why:
  • It lets me see what my friends (and strangers) are listening to - but I can make my settings private so only friends can see my stuff
  • When you download the sidebar, you can add songs and artists you like as you play music on iTunes. This gives you recommendations and even FREE (yes, FREE) downloads from similar artists - usually ones you've never heard of.
  • Based on the artists you like, it will give you information on their tours, even when they're close to your town.
  • Since I rarely listen to the radio, this is one more way for me to find new artists/songs.
Friends, I know I wrote about too much social networking, but this is totally different. You don't have to write anything. Just click "add song to my profile" as you listen to music. That's not too hard! We might learn from each other. We might find new music without paying a penny to download it. So if you haven't joined, what are you waiting for?

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wordle of The Day (Thursday)

If you want a better look (and a clue), click on the image. Make your guess in the comments section!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Come See My New Office

That was the seemingly friendly invite from my dad today. I hadn't seen the last office - since he moved across the street from the police department. We head downtown, thinking we'll pop in and go to lunch.

Um, no.

We get there to find boxes and desks all over the place.
My mom walked right past my dad, in the same clothes he wore to work, now sweaty and dusty. Two guys he supervises are also a dirty mess. They got the new offices they wanted, the only catch: they'd have to empty the new space, move their stuff in, then move that old unwanted stuff to their old offices.

That meant a LOT of physical labor - not at all what I was expecting. Since that's not REALLY my thing, I decided to walk around, look out windows and chat it up with people while they were doing the hard work. And, of course, I snapped lots of pictures with my phone.

There were too many times when someone said, "that's what she said."
But the thing that made me laugh the hardest was my mom trying to plug in something behind the desk in the new office with my brother holding her feet in the air and my dad saying something about her not being able to reach it.

Did I help? Nope. I pulled out the phone again and took a picture.
After a few hours, and a lunch run by yours truly, we had enough. We left dad to tend to his new office with the view of the trees, parking lots, and buildings.
BTW...I preferred the office from a few years ago. At least you could see the water from THAT one. OH. It also had sprinklers. You'd think office space once occupied by the fire department would have sprinklers - you know, in case there was a fire.

Wordle Of The Day

Can you guess this one? I think it's easy - and that's not just because I made it!

Make your guess in the comments...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Adventures In The 'Hood

In the first 24 hours here, I have gone to the hood. And I mean the hood. We went to lunch downtown, and my Mom insisted on going to the ballpark to get some free playing cards (I should take a picture of all the random team paraphernalia she has). That meant a trip through the hood, as it was the fastest way there. Luckily, my dad was behind the wheel - and driving like a cop (a good thing, as he was wearing his badge and gun). I see sights I haven't seen since I was a reporter, doing stories in this particular part of town. Among them, these apartments:

Those apartments are within two miles of refineries. When I was a reporter, this complex, and the homes and businesses nearby, were the first - and sometimes ONLY - stop on a drug round up.

No good came out of here. Back in the day, when my dad first starting patrolling the streets, the area was called "The Cut." Why? Because if you went there, you would get cut - or worse.

As I notice there aren't people hanging out, and just about everything near there is boarded up, I ask what happened.
Dad: It's not the same place.
Me: Can you still buy crack over here?
Dad: I'm sure you can if you need it.
I love that he doesn't ask if I want to stop. Come to think of it, I don't recall us actually coming to a full stop there. It's much better to take your chances of getting stopped (and really, who's gonna give HIM a ticket?).

We drove through the Port and saw the usual barges and stuff. And there were these big white thingies (technical term, folks). It turns out they're part of those ginormous windmills. Those in the S.A. area take note - this is what they look like before they're put on the big trucks to cruise our highways on the way to the big wind farms out west.

Mom got her cards, we left dad at work, and while heading home, we saw something I thought was hilarious: a dude with a bonsai stand on the street corner. My mom was trying to roll down the window to ask if he was Mr. Miyagi and she wanted to ask how big the trees will get. I wanted to ask if you can plant the trees in your front yard. My brother, the Ultimate Fun Hater (UFH from here on out), prevented us from doing that. Still, I managed to snap a picture.It's hot here - and super humid (duh). It's pretended like it's going to rain (thunder, lightning, dark clouds - but nothing). And I am hoping to get one good night's sleep this week. Perhaps, that won't happen until I return home.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Have You "Wordled?"

Yes, it's a made up word. But look at the magic it did when I put in the lyrics to U2's "One."

Create your own "word cloud" on their website. And share it with me, will ya?

What's Funnier?

David Caruso's one-liners or the noise between them?

Thanks to Jayme for linking to this on her blog. Holla.

My (Stinky) Home Town

I packed up my car, making space for Charley & Chaplin, and headed South. Let me tell you, traveling with a kitten is NOT easy. He would cry for a few minutes, then go to sleep, then wake up and do it all over again. It was super hot outside, thankfully my A/C kept us cool. Here's a picture I took on the highway.
See the pretty clouds? Can you feel the heat? I wish I would have taken a picture of the dalmation riding in the back of a pickup on the access road. He was standing up on the truck and having a good time. He was coming at me, so I didn't have a chance to get my phone.

Then, I knew I was closer to my destination when I was greeted by the stench of refineries. I don't care what the companies say, if it smells that bad, there's absolutely no way it can be safe for people to live close to refineries. But is this REALLY the way you want to welcome people to your city?I don't think so. Luckily, my parents live far from those smelly refineries.

I will post more from the "Sparkling City by the Sea" later. That's actually the motto. Two things: this joint does NOT sparkle and it is NOT by the sea. It's a bay. Then, there's a gulf. LIES.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Pretty Weeds

I've been watching this particular weed since it popped up on the other side of my fence. It's behind some landscaping, so I don't know how long it will stay there. I actually like it. So, surprise! I took some pictures!

Summer is HERE!

It has been crazy hot here lately. Lots of temperatures near (and even above) 100! And if the rest of the season is like today, I say bring it on!

It was nowhere near 100 today. And - shocker - it actually rained! Thunder woke me for a nap this afternoon. I looked outside and saw clouds I had not seen in months. Take a look:
And then came the rain. It rained at my house for an hour. When I opened the door, it was like you could hear the plants and the grass saying, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

I'm sick people. Simple things are keeping me awake right now.

36 Hours of Sickness (And Counting)

My throat still hurts.

My head still hurts.

I've grown tired of napping.

I'm worried about this thing on my face (is it skin cancer? is it some sort of pox?).

The good news: no surprise on my pillow this morning.

That's all, folks.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Last Post Of The Night


Not as easy as you might think. Now copy or forward, change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It's really hard to only use one word answers.
1. Where is your cell phone? nightstand

2. Your significant other? none

3. Your hair? red
4. Your mother? wha?

5. Your father? tha?

6. Your favorite thing? sleep

7. Your dream last night? none

8. Your favorite drink? tea

9. Your dream/goal? retirement

10. The room you're in? bedroom

11. Your hobby? blogging?

12. Your fear? death

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? retired

14. Where were you last night? work

15. What you're not? disloyal

16. Muffins? yes

17. One of your wish list items? billions

18. Where you grew up? corpus christi

19. The last thing you did? gargled

20. What are you wearing? pajamas

21. Your TV? on
22. Your pets? two

23. Your computer? dell

24. Your life? mine

25. Your mood? achy

26. Missing someone? yes

27. Your car? dirty

28. Something you're not wearing? shoes

30. Your summer? hot

31. Like someone? yes

32. Your favorite color? blue
33. When is the last time you laughed? thursday

34. Last time you cried? wednesday

35. Who will resend this? you

36. Who will ignore this? you

37. Hard wasn’t it? sometimes

Other Lists

I've been posting Entertainment Weekly's 100 New Movie Classics this week. If you want to see some of their other lists, go here.

Now, you've been schooled. Be hip. Just don't use the word "hip." Kids today don't know what it means. They'll look at you like I look at my grandma - like you crazy.

EW New Movie Classics

Here's the top 25:

1. PULP FICTION (1994) - OK. I'm on board. I sooo love this movie. When that dude gets shot in the head, I laugh. I probably need counseling. But this is Quentin Tarantino's best work. Not my number one choice, but then again, this isn't my list. I'm just commenting on it.
2. THE LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY (2001–03) - Nope. Never saw these. Not interested. Usually, if it has the word "trilogy" involved, I lose interest. Oh. Hobbits, too. Don't care much for 'em. Plus, the whole fantasy thing has never appealed to me.
3. TITANIC (1997) - Alright, ladies. Don't go hating on me, but I did not love this movie. It was good. I don't get why people lost it over this. We knew how it would end. The effects were good. The costumes were lovely. And Kate Winslet coulda slid her big behind over so Leo DiCaprio wouldn't have died.
4. BLUE VELVET (1986) - It's bizarre. What is EW thinking?
5. TOY STORY (1995) - It's cute, but...number five? It's not that high up on my list of faves.
6. SAVING PRIVATE RYAN (1998) - Thank you, Tom Hanks, for making me learn more about WWII.
7. HANNAH AND HER SISTERS (1986) - Maybe I'm not sophisticated enough to enjoy Woody Allen.
8. THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (1991) - Fantastic! I still can't watch it at night. Hannibal will visit me in my dreams!
9. DIE HARD (1988) - Here's the made-for-tv quote from EW: ''Yippee-ki-yay, melon farmer!''
10. MOULIN ROUGE (2001) - Love the music. Love the costumes. Love the comic book feel.
11. THIS IS SPINAL TAP (1984) - Cult favorite!
12. THE MATRIX (1999) - SHHH. I never saw these. Still not interested.
13. GOODFELLAS (1990) - Love, love, LOVE this one!
14 CRUMB (1995) - I don't know what to say.
15. EDWARD SCISSORHANDS (1990) - One of Tim Burton's finest movies. Why do his films always remind me of the dreams I have when I take NyQuil?
16. BOOGIE NIGHTS (1997) - Yes, it's a movie about porn. Yes, there's a whole lotta sex. And it just may be Marky Mark's best work - even if it really wasn't his, um, better half at the end.
17. JERRY MAGUIRE (1996) - Such a good movie. But if I never hear, "Show me the money!" again, I'll be happy.
18. DO THE RIGHT THING (1989) - This movie had me from "Fight the Power" to the fiery ending.
19. CASINO ROYALE (2006) - OK. Don't shame me. I had never seen a single Bond movie before this one. While I want to see Daniel Craig's next Bond adventure, I'm still not inspired to see the previous installments. I really enjoyed this one.
20. THE LION KING (1994) - This was incredible - like it was done specifically for adults, done in animation so the kids would like it. THAT's a musical!
21. SCHINDLER'S LIST (1993) - I only watched this one time shortly after it was released. Very moving. Very sad.
22. RUSHMORE (1998) -
SOOO funny!
23. MEMENTO (2001) - WOW! I'm surprised this made the list. I really like it. It's strange. It's out of sequence. And it's well done. Bonus points for Guy Pearce!
24. A ROOM WITH A VIEW (1986) - Never seen it.
25. SHREK (2001) - Sure, he sounds like a certain overweight Irish dude from the Austin Powers movies, but I love this ogre. And donkey, too.

EW New Movie Classics

Here's the third part of the list:

26. HOOP DREAMS (1994) - Kids should watch this before seeing the flashy side of life in the pros.
27. ALIENS (1986) - This creeps me out.
28. WINGS OF DESIRE (1988) - Never heard of it. And now it's in my Netflix queue.
29. THE BOURNE SUPREMACY (2004) - When I first saw Matt Damon in the movies, I thought he'd just be that drama guy. He is. And he's that action guy, too. LOVE HIM!
30. WHEN HARRY MET SALLY... (1989) - I loved the movie but don't think this is a good idea.
31. BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (2005) - At first, you think, "EW. Gay cowboys. They're not even walking around without their shirts so I can ogle them." And then you realize it's a wonderful LOVE story. Beautifully written. Wonderfully acted.
32. FIGHT CLUB (1999) - I'll break rule number one (nobody talks about fight club). I like it - and not just because it's about punching people. It's crazy. I like that in my cinema.
33. THE BREAKFAST CLUB (1985) - I wasn't even in Middle School when this came out, but I kind of wished for detention just to see if it was like that. I never got detention, but I know you don't often have a merging of the clicks like that.
34. FARGO (1996) - Perfection.
35. THE INCREDIBLES (2004) - THIS is my kinda superhero flick! It's funny. It tells a story. AND it's animated!
36. SPIDER-MAN 2 (2004) - Good special effects. The story line wasn't that exciting to me.
37. PRETTY WOMAN (1990) - How can you NOT like this? I mean, Julia Roberts is so cute in this movie, when she smiles, you smile. If you don't, there's something wrong with you. You should see a doctor about that stick up your behind.
38. ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND (2004) - If I could rid my memory of the bad things, I wouldn't. That's why I am who I am. And I like that.
39. THE SIXTH SENSE (1999) - The whole time I was watching this, I kept wondering what I was missing. And then there's THAT moment. And you know. And you don't tell.
40. SPEED (1994) - Clean cut Keanu. What more do you need?
41. DAZED AND CONFUSED (1993) - Richard Linklater's best work. The casting, the writing, the music - it's all good. Check you later. Ha!
42. CLUELESS (1995) - Do a list of new classics and leave this off? As if! I remember seeing this in the theatre and agreeing with it - even though I'm a) not blonde and b) smarter than Cher. I think.
43. GLADIATOR (2000) - One of Russell Crowe's best films!
44. THE PLAYER (1992) - I've seen this movie a few time and every time I'm surprised how much I like it. Some great cameos in this one.
45. RAIN MAN (1988) - This is a fantastic film! I cannot believe it's this far down the list. Oh, and if you know Tim, get him to do his Rain Man. It's hilarious!
46. CHILDREN OF MEN (2006) - Clive Owen. Yum. And the movie's not bad, either.
47. MEN IN BLACK (1997) - Will Smith going from the Fresh Prince to Action Star. I liked it then, but when I watch it now, I think "cheese."
48. SCARFACE (1983) - I'm not even gangsta and I LOVE this movie. Pacino at his best!
49. CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON (2000) - Yes, it was a huge hit. No, I didn't see it. I don't really care for martial arts. Probably not the last time you'll hear that from me.
50. THE PIANO (1993) - I like a little more conversation in my movies.

Bad Vacation Eve

So, last night, I'm at work, and all of a sudden, I'm freezing. Then, my head hurts. Next, my throat. I go get a sweatshirt out of my car, hoping it's not a big deal. Within a couple of hours, I realize I am, in fact, getting sick.

I come home, take my temperature (101) crawl into bed well before midnight (a rare thing). I fall asleep before The Daily Show. I wake up at 7AM and wonder why my head is wet. I sit up, look at the pillow and realize my adorable little kitten has decide to relieve himself on my pillow. I try to yell at him, I have nearly no voice. It's a loud whisper. I get up, take a shower, hoping that will make me feel better. Nope. I actually had to text my boss my sorry excuse for staying home the day before my vacation starts. I have stripped my bed, and am wondering if I should throw out the pillow or if I can wash it?

My fever has broken (at least it's below 100), but my throat still hurts. My ears hurt, too. I managed to give a friend a job reference - HR people must not care about sickness. Chaplin has crawled onto my chest and passed out. Charley is laying next to me. I'm wondering if I should go to the doctor now - or if I should wait to see if I'm better in the morning. Somehow, blogging seems silly right now, though I've given you a full post. I'm going to have some soup and take a nap and see how things go.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

World's Cutest Airport!

I saw this is on Meghan McCain's blog. The photo was taken in Singapore's airport. She's traveling with her mother for Operation Smile stuff. You should check out her blog.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All About Me

Instead of forwarding this (like I ALWAYS do), I'm posting it here. Even if you know me, you might learn something new about me. Feel free to post your own replies in the comments section!

1 What is your occupation? Princess of Terror - AKA Producer

2. What color are your socks? No socks. I'm in my PJs

3. What are you listening to right now? The TV - waiting for The Daily Show to start

4. What was the last thing that you ate? Burrito Bol from Chipotle (Julie - it was hair-free)

5. Can you drive a stick shift? Yes

6. If you were a crayon, what color would you be? One of those sparkly ones - you know, with glitter

7. Last person you spoke to on the phone? Brett

8. Do you like the person who sent this to you? Yes. And I'm not just saying that because she's the boss of me.

9. How old are you today? 33

10. Favorite drink? It depends on the mood and the occasion. If we're talking alcohol, I like a nice glass of red wine (a little cool - not cold). I like Chimay. I also like a dirty martini. For the non-alcohol drinks, I'm loving pomegranate Italian soda, lemonade, sweet tea, bottled Coke and water out of my Sigg bottle

11. What is your favorite sport to watch? baseball, though I haven't watched it since that game I went to where the Astros blew it to the Cardinals - and I nearly threw up.

12. Have you ever dyed your hair?? Yes. Especially now that I'm getting more gray!

13. Pets? My beloved wienerdog, Charley and my new kitten, Chaplin (who's using me for his play toy as I answer these questions

14. Favorite food? Sorry - I almost lost focus here thanks to a Wendy's commercial (Frosty shakes!). So, let's see...I like things spicy and sweet, with cheese, chocolate, or something sour (and not all those things at once - though that could be interesting)

15. Last movie you watched? in the movies: Sex & The City, at home: Shrek 3

16. Favorite Day of the year? I love Christmas - as long as I'm not working and able to be with my family (no need to prolong the regifting from Grandma)

17. What do you do to vent anger? I make threats. I use sarcasm. I use bad words. I'm NSFW even when I'm at work.

18. What was your favorite toy as a child? I have no idea. I had toys. I just don't remember anything specific.

19. What is your favorite, fall or spring? I'm going with spring. In South Texas, you don't get a whole lot of the cold weather which I love (I know you can get that stuff in the fall in other places, but I don't like ice or snow)

20. Hugs or kisses? depends on who's giving them out

21. Cherry or Blueberry? I like 'em both. Bring on the berries!

22. Do you want your friends to email you back? Yes- but that does not just apply to this series of questions and answers

23. Who is most likely to respond? I bet no one is brave enough to take this on (oooh - challenge!)

25. When was the last time you cried? Last week when I realized my fall actually hurt me

26. Who is the friend you have had the longest that you are sending this to? You know

28. Who is the friend you have had the shortest that you are sending this to? The lurkers who read this blog and never post a comment

29. Favorite smell? soap, fabric softener, new car, cookies/cake/pie/brownies baking

30. What inspires you? seeing someone with little opportunity make the most out of life instead of blaming people for holding him/her back

31. What are you afraid of? knowing when, and especially HOW, I'm going to die

32. Plain, cheese or spicy hamburgers? kinda covered this earlier - but gimme cheese AND jalapenos!

33. Favorite car? that I've owned: the CRX. that I'd love to have: Aston Martin

34. Favorite cat breed? tabby cats - they're sweet and not terribly crazy

35. Number of keys on your key ring? 7

36. How many years at your current job? Almost 5

37. Favorite day of the week? Saturday

38. How many states have you lived in? 2

39. How many countries have you been to? not counting this one (duh) 2

40. What is your favorite country? Canada

Bonus Question: Are you happy? Yes.

Bonus Question: What time is it? 12:13AM

EW New Movie Classics

Here's the second part of the list:

51. THERE WILL BE BLOOD (2007) - Epic greatness.
52. THE NAKED GUN (1988) - Some of the funniest lines. "Nice Beaver."
53. THE TRUMAN SHOW (1998) - Not my favorite Jim Carrey movie, but it's not the worst.
54. FATAL ATTRACTION (1987) - What's worse? A cheating husband or a bunny boiler?
55. RISKY BUSINESS (1983) - Tom Cruise - BEFORE he boarded the crazy train.
56. THE LIVES OF OTHERS (2007) - I think this is on my Netflix list. Sounds good.
57. THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY (1998) - Hair gel was never the same.
58. GHOSTBUSTERS (1984) - I ain't afraid of this ghost!
59. L.A. CONFIDENTIAL (1997) - This is one of my all time faves! I'm disappointed that it's this far on the list! :(
60. SCREAM (1996) - Seen it. Had to watch it during the daytime. Otherwise I would have had nightmares. Yes. I'm a scaredy cat.
61. BEVERLY HILLS COP (1984) - Banana in the tailpipe funny.

62. SEX, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE (1989) - I don't know what it is about James Spader, but I'm mesmerized.

63. BIG (1988) - One of my favorite Tom Hanks movies from the 80s - you know, before he turned all serious on us.

64. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (2007) - I just saw this a few months ago. Really violent. Really sad. Javier Bardem deserves the awards.

65. DIRTY DANCING (1987) - If nobody puts Baby in a corner, why is this movie so far down the list?

66. NATURAL BORN KILLERS (1994) - Ugh. One of the WORST movies I've ever seen. And I've seen some bad ones.
67. DONNIE BRASCO (1997) - I love me a mobster movie!
68. WITNESS (1985) - Wonderful movie. I haven't seen it in the last decade, but still good.
69. ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER (1999) - Never saw it. Does that make me a bad daughter?
70. BROADCAST NEWS (1987) - Because I've had a Holly Hunter, break down and cry moment (or ten).
71. UNFORGIVEN (1992) - Cowboys - not of the Brokeback sort. Good.
72. THELMA & LOUISE (1991) - Chick flick with a side of topless Brad Pitt. Yum.
73. OFFICE SPACE (1999) - Um, yeah, we're gonna need you to come in to work Saturday. LOVE IT!
74. DRUGSTORE COWBOY (1989) - Matt Dillon. Drug Addiction. Meh.
75. OUT OF AFRICA (1985) - Really long. Really good.

New Music!

If you're looking for some new music - especially fun for summertime - I recommend The Ting Tings!

If you want to see some of their videos, go here.

UPDATE: Here's another shout out to The Ting Tings.

Too Much Social Networking?

I have some friends who (shocking) aren't on Facebook - so you know they're not on myspace. They may be on LinkedIn. They might Twitter. Those who don't subscribe to those social networking sites tell me they don't have time. Some say they just don't want people they haven't heard from in decades to know what they're up to now.

I have joined all those - and more, sometimes reluctantly. I can tell you Facebook and Twitter are the only ones I visit regularly. When I think of the others, it often takes me several tries to get my username and password right. I probably check myspace once every two weeks. And that's only to see friends' blogs and pictures, as well as the occasional search for someone in the news.

To all of you who have the courage to say no and stick to it, my hat's off. You're better off not being pestered into updating your page and visiting others pages. Be firm in telling your friends and associates that you have a very strong "no social networking on the web" policy.

Those of you who have joined any of those sites (and if you haven't made me one of your friends, what's wrong with you?), don't feel overwhelmed. Just check it whenever you think of it - like when someone says "Did you read my myspace blog?"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Big John - The Most Hilarious Political Ad EVER

Enjoy! And by enjoy, I mean make sure you can hear it. Y'all know you want it to be your ring tone.

Entertainment Weekly: New Movie Classics

The magazine is counting down the 100 new movie classics - and the catch is these movies must have been released over the last 25 years. Here are the ones at the bottom of the list:

76. THE DEPARTED (2006) - Wicked awesome movie about corruption in the Boston PD. If you fear F bombs, this one is NOT for you.
77. SID AND NANCY (1986) - Dark biographical movie of Sid Vicious. I never saw it, but it sounds fun. And by fun, I mean the kind that would make you shoot up while watching.
78. TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY (1991) - Somehow, this movie won four Oscars. I don't have one. And the "Terminator" is the freaking Governor of California. Doesn't it have to make the list?
79. WAITING FOR GUFFMAN (1996) - It's goofy. It's corny. And it made me laugh. If you're planning to watch it, just remember it's 1996.
80. MICHAEL CLAYTON (2007) - MMM. Clooney.
81. MOONSTRUCK (1987) - Snap out of it! Yep. That's the best line of the movie.
82. LOST IN TRANSLATION (2003) - Lots of hype. Very good. What did he say at the end?
83. EVIL DEAD 2 (1987) - I didn't see Evil Dead 1. Apparently I'm missing out on a good sequel.
84. SIDEWAYS (2004) - I'm so over Pinot.
85. THE 40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN (2005) - Two words: chest waxing.
86. Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN (2002) - Saw it. Was grossed out.
87. SWINGERS (1996) - You're so money and you don't even know it. If you don't get it, watch it.
88. AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY (1997) - This is the first one in the series. Funny.
89. BREAKING THE WAVES (1996) - This movie is apparently all about SEX. I say apparently because I've never seen (or heard) of it.
90. NAPOLEON DYNAMITE (2004) - Gosh. This movie's good. Why is it this far down the list?
91. BACK TO THE FUTURE (1985) - Just watched this again this weekend. It's silly fun.
92. MENACE II SOCIETY (1993) - Gangsta, yo.
93. ED WOOD (1994) - Tim Burton's trippy. This movie is very cultish.
94. FULL METAL JACKET (1987) - I love the first half of this movie. Once they go to war, I lose interest. Plus, it's like 10 hours long. With the intermission.
95. IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (2001) - NO idea what this is about.
96. FAR FROM HEAVEN (2002) - So sad. So good.
97. GLORY (1989) - Ferris Bueller and The Hurricane in one movie? Magic.
98. THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY (1999) - Matt Damon plays creepy gay guy - not on Will & Grace.
99. THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT (1999) - It's like a bad home movie that scares the you know what out of you.
100. SOUTH PARK: BIGGER LONGER & UNCUT (1999) - Really? I mean, REALLY?

I'm Tired, But At Least The Kitten Has A Name

The first night with the kitten was great - he slept most of the night. Then, last night, I was trying to watch one episode of the Bachelorette for the work blog, all the kitten wanted to do was play. I finally turned off the computer and tried to go to sleep. He still wanted to play. I've probably slept 6 hours at best. I'm exhausted. My head hurts. My throat hurts. I just want to sleep for a few more hours, but I have stuff to do (work included).

Julie came up with a good name for him. It's so good, I'm going with it. The new kitten's name is......


Since I have Charley, his feline brother is his second half. They're quite the duo - chasing each other, making noise, looking for trouble. Little Chaplin has just discovered the door stop - he keeps hitting it, making it go BOOIIIINNNGG!

I'm going to try to get a power nap in before I need to get ready. And you can bet on me downing a Red Bull (or two) just to get through the day.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


These soaps look good enough to eat...but I won't.
That's coffee toffee crunchThat's China rain
That's coconut lemongrassThat's Tahetian petals

They came in the mail from Sarah. She's a soap genius! We've known each other since middle school (or was it elementary?). That's a LONG time!

She sent me her newest creations after I put on my copy editor hat for her. Just getting a whiff of these soaps makes me think I should do a little more for Sarah! I'm looking forward to trying them out and know that no matter which ones I use, I'll step out of the tub smelling fantastic!

If you want to check out her creations, go to her website: In The Soapdish

And if you live in the Dallas area, please go check out her handmade soaps in person! I promise they won't disappoint!

My Knee

Wednesday Night:Friday Night:

My New Addition

I've been talking about getting Charley a friend for a while (even entertained the idea of catnapping the neighbors friendly feline). Then, Bill and Shannon had a handful of kittens. I saw the pictures, thought about it for a few weeks and today I went and picked up this little guy.So far, Charley and the kitten have gotten along fine. Charley keeps sniffing him, and kitten keeps letting him. I've put a collar with a bell on him and he doesn't seem to care for that. I just want to be able to keep tabs on him (no stealth mode in my house). It's a little big on him right now, but I imagine he will grow into it before I know it! He's super sweet. He's taken to sleeping on my shoulder and purring as I pet him. I hope he out grows that. When he's full grown, he might be able to smother me!

I'm working on a name. Shannon was calling him Brownie. Because he was so vocal, I was thinking about naming him Screech (however, seeing what a jerk Dustin Diamond has become made me think otherwise). If you have any suggestions, drop 'em in the comments section.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Smart Move???

Oh, Katherine Heigl.

You had to go and diss the writers and producers of the show that gives you a pretty nice (and steady) income by saying you "did not feel that I was given the material this season to warrant an Emmy nomination and in an effort to maintain the integrity of the academy organization, I withdrew my name from contention.In addition, I did not want to potentially take away an opportunity from an actress who was given such materials."


That's why Lindsay Lohan didn't want anything to do with the Emmy's either.

To be fair, I agree with Heigl. The show is pretty ridiculous. Seriously.

I didn't start watching it until this season (I watched the previous episodes on DVD after I was told I was missing out. Now, I'm watching just because.) Every character is whiny and needy - and way to self-absorbed to make me care for them now.

SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED THE FIRST SEASON: The only time I thought Heigl was fantastic on this show was the whole Denny thing. I cried with her as he died. And then came the following season. The writers lost focus. Some of the actors found work outside of Seattle Grace.

But is it fair for Heigl to slam the show that has gotten her where she is now? I don't think so. It's not like her character's name is in the title. However, you can bet it will certainly give them reason to give her what she wants: better material - probably in the form of her character being killed the next season. It's really a win-win. Heigl gets out of her contract, the show gets rid of a real-life whiny brat.

Scentsy June Update

If you don't know by now, I'm selling Scentsy. It's these great wickless candles, perfect for people who are afraid of leaving a candle burning or don't want their kids to topple hot wax onto themselves. I leave mine on while I'm at work - it gets no hotter than a nightlight. Within an hour, I can smell the scent through my entire house! I will never by plug-ins or regular candles again! For more information, click here.

The scent of the month is sangria - and it smells just as good as the perfect summertime drink!

That's my sales pitch of the month.

Walking In An Intern, Going Out A Wrestler?

That's Danny Boy is his final hours in our newsroom. He actually earned that mask from Mario. He gave Mario a mug for Father's Day. Mario gave him the mask. Is Mario his father? I mean, he's old enough to be...

Anyway, this is my shout out to Danny. He was a fine intern - at least that's what I learned in my limited time with him. He and I weren't on the same schedule for most of his time here. I can say this about him: he always had a good attitude about things (unless you dared talk trash about the Lakers around him - then, he was pretty cutthroat). I hope he enjoys the rest of his summer in Washington, D.C. And if he encounters a scandal, he'd better drop everything and give us the 4-1-1.

Bye bye, Danny Boy!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I was up early this morning (thanks, Charley) and turned on GMA. I saw Ms. Cyndi Lauper on their Summer Concert Series. Did you see her? Girl looks GOOD! I mean, she looks better now than when she first performed Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

ABC won't let me embed the performance here, so I'll send you to the link (and you have to sit through a silly 20 second ad before it starts - I HATE THOSE!) Then, go here to see the video that's more than 20 years old. OMG - I'm soooo old!

Can I Borrow $17 Million?

Now that I've been up for a little while, I'm ready to blog for you people. That's right. I do it for YOU. I'm not selfish.

OK. Here's why I need to borrow some money. I have found my dream home. And since I a) don't live in California and b) earn $3 an hour plus tips, I need your help. You got me. I earn more than that, but I don't get cash tips. The only ones I get are for stories. FYI: I'd rather have cash. Here's one picture:And you can read about it here.

So, consider making a loan. I'm good for it. If you're really nice, you'd just write me a check - not one that will bounce. That will just make me cry (and, yes, I cry REAL tears). I'd even let you stay in one of the master suites. Thank you in advance for supporting my dream. And if enough of you don't help a girl out, I'm going to have to resort to becoming an email scammer. That seems like it takes a whole lot of work. I'm so not down with that. If THAT doesn't work, I may sell bar-b-que plates. People do that all the time here. If I do that, I need food handlers, so everyone get ready to go get permits. What? Don't you want a nice place to stay (BTW: only for the weekend - any longer than that and I'll be bored of you)?

If I can come up with $11 million, I can get this one!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Even Fictional Characters Get Makeovers

As if I need a reminder about my age, now I have to see the things I enjoyed in my childhood getting a new look. Have you seen Strawberry Shortcake lately?

Yes, the dress and bloomers are a little Raggedy Ann, and the shoes are orthopedic (and totally don't match her red and pink ensemble). But did she REALLY need the who thing? Look at her! She's like a little pink sex kitten with her long hair. What is going on? I know she's not incredibly hip, but she doesn't look like an innocent plastic friend who smells of sweet berries.

Ahh...the simpler times.

If you want the real story, go here.

Why I Can't Go To The Olympics

I know, there's the whole "world class athlete" issue (and if you read the next post, you'll understand why that is NOT me). There's also the issue of going to Pollutionville - sooo not my idea of a good time. And China appears to be the World's Fun Hater.

I just read a story on CNN about China's rules for foreigners. Get a load of some of the rules:
  • Those with "mental diseases" or contagious conditions will be barred.
  • Some parts of the country are closed to visitors -- one of them Tibet.
  • Olympic tickets are no guarantee of a visa to enter China.
  • Foreigners staying with Chinese residents in urban areas must register at a local police station within 24 hours of arriving. The limit in rural areas is 72 hours.
OK. So I'm already barred from entry with the first one (I'm not contagious, so you guess which part of that suits me).

No Tibet? How will I ever meet Richard Gere?

No ticket, no entry? What? If I buy a pass to the Louvre, I can't go to France? (Sorry, that's the best I can do right now)

Register with police? I think they're on to something. I might have to send that to the cops here. Think what that could do to crime in this town! I can just hear the chief now, "Gangsters, check in with police before your drive-bys." OMG - I crack MYSELF up, y'all!

China's really one of those places I'd just like to get in, see the touristy things and get the heck out. Apparently, if I wanted to do that this summer, I couldn't. Jerks.

Gimme a panda.

On the DL

Either it's my lack of grace or some sort of invisible gremlins, but something took me down yesterday. I wanted a fountain drink. I chose to stop at a convenience store. I got out of my car, took three steps, then I realized my right foot wasn't moving. Am I falling? WHAM. I'm on the ground. I didn't even have a chance to put my hands out to brace myself. My knee landed square on the edge of the raised sidewalk outside the store.

I quickly got up, and two guys who were having lunch on a picnic table outside the store (weird, huh?) jumped up and were asking me if I was OK. I kept telling them I was fine, that it just scared the you-know-what out of me. They helped collect all the things that jumped out of my purse, I went inside, got my drink and was thinking my left arm kinda hurt.

I got to work, my knee was hurting, and every now and then, if I moved my left arm just so, it hurt (I tried not to move it to keep from hurting). Within a few hours, my knee was swelling, it was bruising - and it hurt like H-E-double hockey sticks.

I found a large baggie in my drawer, loaded it with ice and propped my leg up on the trashcan underneath my desk. Still, I had moments where it hurt so bad it brought tears to my eyes (shut up, I'm a girl, that's OK). I went home, fell asleep by 12:15 and did not move all night. Once Charley woke my up at 7AM, I got up and drove myself to the Med Clinic. A "doctor" looked at me, said my knee was not broken (duh), but that it would have a nice bruise. Really? Nice bruise? Jerk. My arm was determined to not be broken. He told me to keep ice on my knee today and to try to stay off it. THANKS. I didn't even get good drugs! So, I'm trying to stay off it, and I really just want to sleep. Instead, I'll finish this post, try to take a nap, then go to work and pray tonight's NBA game does not go into overtime.

I'll post pictures of my knee when I feel up to it. Right now, I'm just sleepy.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MMMM... Tastes Like A Heart Attack

Sauget, Illinois Gateway Grizzlies are catering to carb lovers who don't care whether they live to see tomorrow. You may have seen the story on deadspin, but I'm bringing it to you here.

The official word from the club:

The Grizzlies, along with J&J Snacks Foods Corporation and Frank’s Red Hot have put together “Baseball’s Best Soft Pretzel.” “Baseball’s Best Soft Pretzel” will consist of a J&J Snack Foods SUPERPRETZEL® that is marinated in Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce and served with mozzarella cheese melted over the top of it. The soft pretzel will come with your choice of ranch or blue cheese dressing and will cost $3.50.

What's not fantastic about that?
Pretzel? Check.
Hot Sauce? Check.
Mozzarella Cheese? Check.
Ranch or blue cheese? Check.

I bet it's good until about 10 minutes after you've eaten every last messy bite. Then, the ol' stomach starts saying, "What did I do to you? Are you kidding me? I'll show you who's in charge." And then you're reaching for the antacid and headin' to the pool to drop off some kids. Sorry. I couldn't resist the toilet humor.

This ball club wants to kill its fans. Some of its other offerings:
  • "Baseball's Best Slider" - thin-sliced, steam-grilled, square-shaped burger topped with cheese and grilled onions that is then breaded and deep-fried
  • “Baseball’s Best Burger” - thick, juicy burger topped with sharp cheddar cheese and two slices of bacon placed between a Krispy Kreme Original Glazed doughnut.
  • "Baseball’s Best Hotdog" - 1/5 pound Farmland 8 inch All Beef Black Angus Hot Dog, topped with two strips of freshly cooked bacon, 1 oz. Sautéed Onions, 1 oz. Sautéed Sauerkraut and ½ oz. Cheddar Cheese Sauce, all on a fresh baked bun
  • “Swiss Brat” - a Landshire Bratwurst with a slice of Swiss cheese in the middle and 1oz. of Sautéed Sauerkraut on top

New Laptop In The Hizzouse

My new Dell laptop was shipped late last week and was supposed to reach me Monday, but since the DHL guy took the day off, another guy delivered it to a whole other location - not even the same street! Luckily, the regular DHL retrieved it, and when he learned I was told I'd have it by 4:00 (and it was nearly 5:00), he went to get it and brought it to me within five minutes! I'm writing a letter to DHL about that guy - he was good (and should not get days off when I'm expecting deliveries).

I went all girlie, getting the outside this purply-fuschia color with flowers "tattooed" on it (if you know me, you understand my reasons for not wanting a tattoo on myself, so I figured getting one on my laptop was OK).

It's a regular old computer on the inside. I've spent a little too much time playing on it this morning, getting it all set up. I just need to find a cute bag to tote it in.

Winners & Losers

We are a newsroom divided. There are Spurs fans who rooted for the team to win another championship. There are those who don't mind the team being in playoffs, except for the fact that it can ruin vacations, as they'll have to work during the finals.

It's the usual playoff dilemma...until this year. We have an intern from Northwestern named Danny. He's from LA. He's a Laker's fan (apologize to him, not me). Since we know how that series went down, take a look at Danny celebrating his victory.

Danny showing Trevor how it's done
Trevor going all "West Coast" on us

I won't tell you about the trash talking between these two over the last couple of weeks, but it was, at times, fierce. I don't mean that in a gay way. These two boys are not into each other. In fact, you should look at Julie's blog if you don't believe me.

Here's to the Lakers - and Danny Boy, who leaves us this week. I only wish he had been allowed to work nightside so we could have worked together a little more.

Suck It Oil Companies, Pt. 4

This is getting beyond ridiculous! I no longer wait until I'm close to empty. Since prices average $3.89 in my part of town, I'm filling up when I get just below 1/3 of a tank left. There was actually a Shell station near me that was at $3.95 over the weekend (which had me screaming more than "suck it!"), but they came to their senses and brought it down to $3.89.

You know, a year ago, I never would have thought THAT was sensible. It's not really. It's more like less crazy than $4. When it hits that mark who knows what I'll do. I might have to change the title of this serious to something a little harsher. I'll keep plugging away as gas prices climb (by my account more than 30 cents over the last 6 months).

And because I'm nice (with no hidden agenda), I'm passing on this website:

Book mark it, use it on your cell phone while you're out. Unlike some of those other gas-tracking sites, this one gets the information from the fueling stations and if it's not updated in 48 hours, it's yanked. Just looking at it now, I think I should move to Gwinner, North Dakota. Gas there is only $3.58!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Anti-Energy Drink???

When I read about this, I wondered if it was some sort of joke. I mean, "anti-energy" sounds crazy!

But then, I found out what's in it: melatonin, rose hips, and valerian.

I'm intrigued.

I have my own anti-energy drink. It's called red, red wine. Sure it'll turn my teeth purple. After I have a couple of glasses, I don't care. I feel warm and sleepy. What's wrong with that?

I might give this a try if I see it in the store. I mean, a non-alcoholic option for sleepy time? Why not?

I'm not a big fan of the title though. Is a girl my age really supposed to buy something called, "Drank?" This is what I think of when I look at that name. I feel like I should have a diamond-encrusted grill or something. Or at least a pimp cup.

Buy Pants, Get Gas

This is not some sort of fart gag.

If you're in need of clothes (perhaps for Father's Day this weekend?), consider buying Dockers at Sears. If that sounds crazy to you, wait for it.

If you buy $100 worth of Dockers clothes there, you'll get a $75 gas card (via mail-in rebate). Read all about it here.

Down With DHL!

I was supposed to get my new laptop yesterday. Dell shipped it in two packages - one with the computer, another with the cushion & USB stuff. I went to check with the receptionist and learned there was nothing for me. About half an hour later, I had a delivery. It was very light. It was the non-laptop package.

So, I go back to the DHL page and see an "LHamton" signed for it. I learn there's no one in the building with that name. I call DHL. It's one of those automated systems where you speak to the computer and it figures out where to transfer you. I finally get a real, live person and am interrogated.

DHL: Are there other suites in your building?
Me: No. (Just the ghetto-like building with the AC that was not working -making me cranky and the newsroom smell like a locker room).
DHL: Are you sure there's no one in the building with that name?
Me: Yes.
DHL: Well, that delivery office is closing, so it may not be until tomorrow until we can figure out what happened.
Me: So what happens if you can't get this package back?
DHL: You'll have to file a claim.
Me: ARRRRRRGH! (I'm turning into Charlie Brown)

About an hour later, I get a call from the local DHL office. I'm asked the same questions. I write this at 10:25 waiting for them to get back to me. I know as soon as I hop in the shower, they'll call. I'm really hoping by the time I get to work in the afternoon, my new, shiny fuchsia laptop will be waiting for me. Keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Man Babies

If any of you have a case of the Mondays, perhaps this will help...You can see more of these silly photos of "man babies" here. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Poor Big Brown!

He lost the Triple Crown Saturday. To THAT horse. The fun-spoiling jerk of a horse. Da' Tara was the 38-1 long shot (whatever that means). What kind of name is THAT? Does that sound like the name for a champion? I mean, Big Brown - now that's the name of a champion.

So what went wrong?

"He was empty. He didn't have anything left," jockey Kent Desormeaux said. "There's no popped tires. He's just out of gas."
Nice. Big Brown could have been the first pony in 30 years to win the Triple Crown! Now, he's earned a new distinction:

With a last-place finish, Big Brown earned the dubious distinction of the worst Belmont Stakes finish for a horse that won the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes.

Horse Year Finish
Big Brown 2008 9th
War Emblem 2002 8th
Carry Back 1961 7th
Alysheba 1987 4th
Canonero II 1971 4th
Kauai King 1966 4th
[I "borrowed" that from ESPN - holla]

I can only hope this fine horse was not tainted in the owners quest at the Crown (after all, while this horse has won more than $2.6 million this year, the REAL money comes in breeding the champs). I would hate to think he won the other races on the juice!

Hopefully, they won't race him again. Just give him some fine life in a pasture, with oats and fruit and an occasional trot around a pasture.

I can only hope that such a handsome horse (look at him sticking out his tongue while getting a little exercise) won't be made to
suffer some horrific fate (i.e. death) because he can't win again.

There. I've said it. I watched the race. I'm sad some loser horse won big. Though if I'd have gone to the race, I would have probably bet on the long shot thinking I'd never win any money. Then, I'd return home and sleep on a pile of money. Now you know my goal in life. Man, I gotta get to the track!