Friday, June 6, 2008


That's the only nice way to describe how I feel right now. You see, I bought a printer/copier/scanner/fax thingy. I decided to set it up this morning and see how it works. I took it out of the box, removed all the pieces of tape, then before I put it on my desk, I moved things around and dusted (!) everything. I was following instructions, plugging things in. See?Then, I thought it seems like something's missing. What could it be? Whatever. I'll just insert the disc and see what happens. It starts installing. Then it tells me to connect the computer to the printer with a USB cable. WHAT USB CABLE???? I look behind my computer and see no spare cable. The ones I already have don't fit. So I think there might be one in my desk. I took everything out of the drawer.
Would you believe that in that whole mess there is not one single USB cable??? So, now I've got to go get one. However, I'm not sure there's space on the back of my computer for another cable. There's a huge mass of cable back there (some from the router that I've finally accepted I can't make work because every time I try hooking stuff up, something goes wrong).

It's now 11am and I need to do other things - cleaning up the mess being one of them. I mean, I could leave it and deal with it later, but I don't want Charley to get into any of it. And then there's the whole dog walker thing - what would she think if she walked into my house and saw piles of stuff just sitting there? At least I'll do some purging. OOH! And maybe some shredding! I love shredding!
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