Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Breaking News: Clinton To Concede

I'm a blogging fool this morning! This is the fifth post I've written today (not all for this blog)! So, if you're reading this blog for news about things other than me (why?), Hillary is reportedly planning to (finally) concede the nomination to Barack. Read it here.

If you've talked to me about the election over the last few months, you know I've chosen Obama (sorry, Grandparents). I refused to be bullied into supporting Clinton. Yes, I know how special it would be to have a woman as our President. I know that if you count her time as First Lady, she has more legislative experience - though for someone who stormed into the White House on a mission to reform the nation she didn't get much accomplished. But I just couldn't bring myself to vote for HER.

The very first time I saw Barack Obama speak at the Democratic convention, I said to myself, "I don't know who he is, but THAT guy is going to be President!" If you missed that speech, go here. Call him young and inexperienced, but didn't they say that about JFK? This guy is smart. He has not surrounded himself with a bunch of "yes" people (um, President Bush, I'm talking to YOU). If the only bad thing people in the Senate can say is that he's (again) young and inexperienced, what does that tell you? He can cross party lines and get things done - something I don't think the other candidates can do.

Clinton has had the wrong people around her (Geraldine Ferraro, husband Bill among them). She's been using the same kind of fuzzy speak Bill used when most of Washington was trying to impeach him ("it depends what the definition of 'is' is). She should be proud that she was in the race this long. Though I know a lot of Republicans voted for her because they didn't think she could beat McCain (same goes for Obama, but he must have been the real threat as Hillary won more states in the latter part of the race).

Will she become the VP candidate? I don't know. I can't see her wanting to play second fiddle to a guy she's been bashing for a year now. We'll see. It will be nice to have this thing down to two candidates in these five months before the election. Man, is this going to be one looooong summer!
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