Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Yay! New Fan!

Those of you who know me have heard me complain about my house. Well, not the house itself, because I love it, but the fact that the previous owners left everything the way the builders gave it to them - cheap fixtures are especially irritating.

I plan to replace them over time (do you have any idea how expensive door knobs are???), and thanks to my dad, have ceilings fans in my bedroom and in one of the other bedrooms. I took advantage of the sales tax holiday a few weekends ago and bought a ceiling fan to replace this ugly fixture in my living room:
Ugh. Have you seen those at the hardware store? They're like $11! One schedule change and $115 dollars for installation later, the ceiling fan guy shows up. Within two minutes, he did this:Then, he assembled my new $119 fan (did I mention Lowe's also knocked 10% off the fans??). It took all of ten minutes. He climbed up on the ladder and within 20 minutes had the fan in place. It took just as long to get it balanced so it doesn't wobble from my slanted ceiling. And here's the finished product:
I'm not sure I like the glass fixture, but it's a million times better than that cheapy fixture it replaced! So, thanks, Trey, for doing such a good job!

PS, Dad: he told me he's had guys who thought they knew what they were doing and spent more than four hours working on a fan, only to have their wives call and get him to do it in less than an hour! It didn't take that long to do the one in my bedroom!

UPDATE: I returned home to learn the fan and the light operate on separate switches! I can turn on the light or the fan or both from a switch on the wall - no chain pulling! YAY!
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