Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Laptop In The Hizzouse

My new Dell laptop was shipped late last week and was supposed to reach me Monday, but since the DHL guy took the day off, another guy delivered it to a whole other location - not even the same street! Luckily, the regular DHL retrieved it, and when he learned I was told I'd have it by 4:00 (and it was nearly 5:00), he went to get it and brought it to me within five minutes! I'm writing a letter to DHL about that guy - he was good (and should not get days off when I'm expecting deliveries).

I went all girlie, getting the outside this purply-fuschia color with flowers "tattooed" on it (if you know me, you understand my reasons for not wanting a tattoo on myself, so I figured getting one on my laptop was OK).

It's a regular old computer on the inside. I've spent a little too much time playing on it this morning, getting it all set up. I just need to find a cute bag to tote it in.
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