Sunday, June 15, 2008


These soaps look good enough to eat...but I won't.
That's coffee toffee crunchThat's China rain
That's coconut lemongrassThat's Tahetian petals

They came in the mail from Sarah. She's a soap genius! We've known each other since middle school (or was it elementary?). That's a LONG time!

She sent me her newest creations after I put on my copy editor hat for her. Just getting a whiff of these soaps makes me think I should do a little more for Sarah! I'm looking forward to trying them out and know that no matter which ones I use, I'll step out of the tub smelling fantastic!

If you want to check out her creations, go to her website: In The Soapdish

And if you live in the Dallas area, please go check out her handmade soaps in person! I promise they won't disappoint!
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