Sunday, June 1, 2008

Gimmick? Or Just Crazy?

Whatever it is, I bought it.

I spotted this dog water at the store and figured since it was just $1.39, what the heck? I had bought Charley new bowls and poured it in there over ice. (You should know Charley had his previous bowls since I got him more than three years ago and no matter what I did when cleaning them, they still got all gunky. Also, he LOVES ice! Every time he hears someone getting ice, he runs to the kitchen and sits and waits for a piece).

This water is carbonated and smells minty. I have not dared to taste it (though I'm sure it wouldn't harm me). I don't know if he's not sure about the bowls, or if he's just not thirsty, but he hasn't lapped it up - yet.
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