Friday, October 15, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

This is how Katy Perry sells perfume.

Madonna hates Chicago and actresses.

I hope Gerard Butler's hair looks like this for a really bad movie role.

There's a secret to getting Kanye West to follow you on Twitter.

VH1's "Divas" are performing for a good cause. I couldn't pick most of them out of a photo lineup.

Nicole Richie takes on the photogs who are staked out outside her daughter's school. Creeps.

If you're brave, click here to see Katherine Heigl in a bikini.

This might be the worst swimsuit calendar ever.

Halle Berry without makeup still looks better than me with a fully made-up face.

Here's Perez Hilton saying he's not going to be a bully anymore.

LOVE Helen Mirren. Did not want to see her boob.

Which one is real and which one is wax?

T.I. is a life saver.

Here's one reason not to be friends with Kanye West on myspace (does anyone still use that site?).

I'm not sure I'll "tumble 4" this reunion.

My favorite werewolf is engaged.

Gavin Rossdale made man love.

Why, Donald Trump, WHY?

Here's news that reassures me that Lindsay Lohan is not ready to be released into the wild.

Hugh Jackman and his arms. Just because.

Joan Collins isn't impressed by the ladies of Hollywood.

I hope it's not too soon to talk about this. Because if it's true, this will be the most stylish baby ever.

Kids shows appear to be the new thing. Maybe?

Brigitte Nielsen. Um. No.

Ashlee Simpson had a makeover.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Johnny Depp. But could he please stop working with Tim Burton?

Guess who's going to rehab. If you guessed me, you're wrong, sucka.

Another day, another celebrity couple splits up.


Alec Baldwin learned the hard way what happens when you text during a movie.

Bourne without Matt Damon? No, thank you.

Brad Pitt made a serious wrong turn.

Note to Kim Kardashian: When you pose for magazines like this, you cannot be surprised/angry/disappointed when people publish nude pictures of you.

I knew Carrie Fisher did drugs, but I had no idea her problem was this bad.

Just for attention, Lisa Rinna has revealed she turned down a deal on a casting couch.

I'm a little surprised at this breakup news. And it's already gotten ugly.

But one couple has become more than "Friends."

It's official: Mischa Barton is better known as fashion victim than for her "acting."

Ladies, can we all agree to hate Giesele Bundchen?

That guy from Brothers and Sisters got married over the weekend.

Click With Caution: Photo of a shirtless Aaron Carter here.

Esquire has chosen its "Sexiest Woman Alive." I'm not really that impressed.

This is ALWAYS a fashion "don't."

If this washed up rock star's autobiography doesn't come with an STD test, I'm not buying it.

I didn't need this cover to convince me to buy Tina Fey's book (but it doesn't hurt)!

This might be the most perfect casting news ever.

Anyone else tired of Ashton and Demi's visual reminders that they are still very much a couple? Yes? Then, don't click on that link.

I didn't peg Denise Richards as much of a reader. But she is apparently a writer.

Katherine Heigl knows I don't like her.But even this won't get me to like her - not even a little.

Jane Lynch bared it all for a giggle.

Here's Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe.
Even though I don't love Kim Kardashian, I wouldn't do this to her.

Three captains are returning to The Deadliest Catch.

R.I.P., Solomon Burke.
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