Monday, October 11, 2010

Ten Things

It's been a while since I surfed Twitter to read the random musings of a celebrity. Who's more random than The Hoff?
Sure, he's a little older now than he is in that photo, but this is how I'd prefer to remember him (if I never see that video of him drunkenly trying to eat a cheeseburger again, I'll be happy - and he probably will be, too). I checked out his Twitter page and learned a few things about and from him. He's actually pretty involved with his followers. Wonder if he'll respond to me if I Tweet a link to this? We'll see...

The Hoff Needs Help Finding His Halloween Spirit

So what does he do? He turns to his Twits, asking them to show him their real life selves and he will dress as the random winner. I am currently debating which photo of myself I should submit for "Hoffoween."

The Hoff Can See The Future - And It's Not Always Pretty

The Hoff's Followers Are Rewarded With Special Powers
The Hoff Is Kinda Like Me
These final Tweets make me think that perhaps I should pack everything up and move to Germany so I can just admit that I love The Hoff and don't have to be ashamed of what are (apparently) my deep, hidden feelings for The Hoff.
I, too, have crazy dreams often inspired by whatever I watched before bed!
Me, too! There are way more crazier people spreading their insanity on Twitter. Note: This is also why I love those "Real Housewives" shows - those bitches are insane in the membrane and they make me feel like my little life is totally normal.

So, there you have it. Ten things from The Hoff. We'll know he's read this if he replies in the comments. FINGERS CROSSED! XOXO

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