Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lolla Land

Ross is off for yet another music festival weekend. This time, it's Lollapalooza. Maybe I'm just old, but spending day after day roaming some open field watching band after band play in the open heat while being elbowed (and throwing elbows right back) at people whose idea of good hygiene is turning their underwear inside out is really not my idea of a good time.

However, Ross digs it. He likes it so much, he blogs about 'em. His skills even caught the eye of the festival people and will appear on the website through the weekend. If you want to give Ross props - or just keep up on the concert you couldn't attend, go here.

Our Cheesecake Adventure

Every week, I write a post on the work blog called "Friday Freebies." Last week, I included a sweet treat: $1.50 cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory. It was only taking place on Wednesday, so myself and three co-workers decided to meet there for lunch.

It took a little more than half an hour to get a table - thanks to 'zo for being prompt and getting us on the list. I quickly ordered the lunch tomato, basil and cheese pizza and house salad. I should have taken a picture of the ginormous salad as it was its own meal. Still, I was there for the cheesecake so I cut myself off after one slice of yummy pizza and about a third of the salad.

We all agreed to order a different cheesecake. After we passed them around so everyone could sample the four amazing desserts, I got everyone to put their forks down and slide 'em to the center of the table for a picture. However, I just discovered I did not save it in my phone. Julie took one with her camera, so maybe she'll share it - or post it on her blog.

So here's who ordered what:
'zo: Adam's Peanut Butter Cup Fudge Ripple
Sean: Chocolate Oreo Mudslide
Julie: Chocolate Mousse
Me: White Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut

All were amazing! The whole lunch was one big treat, as we all got back to work about half an hour later than we should have. Still, I had lunch with fun people and had more than enough left for dinner.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Why So Serious? Part 2

Jerk of the Week

It's been a while since I've posted one of these. This guy might just be the Jerk of the Year.

Today, investigators FINALLY released a photo of the guy who tossed a molotov cocktail at the Governors mansion. I say he's a jerk because, let's face it, if you're going to set a pretty important piece of Texas history on fire, you're not a nice person.

I'm no fan of MoFo, but still. He wasn't even living in the house when it burned. Even if you don't like his politics, there are better ways to handle things. And if this guy's just a fire bug who wanted to see what would happen, perhaps his punishment should be a molotov cocktail down his pants. Wonder what would happen?

Read the story here and watch the video. I hope this idiot is caught soon.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Why So Serious?

So you're a 20-year-old guy, excited about "The Dark Knight." You go see the movie. Perhaps you buy some figurines.

Does your fixation end there?


You do what this genius did: steal the paraphernalia from the theatres. Dressed as the Joker. With full face makeup.He might have gotten away with it had he stopped before the face painting. But thanks to young Spencer Taylor (and the officers who took the made-up and naked face mugshots), I've been giggling all night.

Summer Style

What's your summer style?

Does it look something like this?
If so, you must be under the age of 25, shorter than 5 feet, and a gazillionaire to pull it off.

The reason I ask is I watched this piece on the NY Times about what women are wearing on their feet this summer. Surprisingly, most of the ladies look a lot like Mary Kate Olsen - from the ankle down. I see it and admire the shoes - except those gladiator sandals. I think of the trouble it takes to buckle all of those straps. And I really don't think they look good on anyone.

However, these have become my shoes of the summer.Sparkly converse I got at Target. They're comfy. They don't require any flip-flopping. They don't need to be tied. They go with almost everything.

Maybe the sneakers appeal to me because I'm getting old and I just want comfortable shoes these days. Don't get me wrong. I like a higher shoe, but if I have to walk more than a few feet I want to be on something that's going to keep me from hitting the ground.

New Bunny Movie

My favorite bunnies have tackled one of my favorite gangster flicks: Goodfellas.

See it here. A warning about the language - it has almost as many f-bombs as the real movie.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'm Going About This All Wrong

I read an article tonight in the NY Times about bloggers. First off, when it comes to giving blogs high marks, apparently those with franks and beans get all the glory. I write that with anger because I think I'm pretty darn good at blogging. I try to make at least one post a day. I give you my homemade videos. I give you pictures. What more can you people possibly want from me? Blood?

Oooh. Nicole's angry.

And speaking of herself in third person.

Once I get past that part of the article, there are mentions of other well-known bloggers (ladies). They're so well-known, I haven't heard of most of them.


Then, I see that at least one of them gets all kinds of stuff from companies who want her to either give things away to readers or try them out and write about them. So here's my pitch:

Corporate America, send me your goods. Even if I don't like them, I'll write nice things about them. Small companies or start-ups, send me your products, too. I'm not picky. I'll pimp whatever you send me - as long as it's not naughty. If you're a REAL company, put your website and contact information in the comments section. If you're some weirdo who just wants to tease me, take your comment and suck it.

Bring on the swag!!

Home Ownership Isn't Always Fun

Don't get me wrong. I love my house. It's great to have my own space with no shared walls, floors, ceilings or parking with people who don't respect their environment. I love that if I want to turn up the music loud and sing along, I'm not going to get a knock on the door from management telling me to stop (I also have not noticed a pack of dogs hanging outside my front door, so I guess I'm not that loud).

Now to what I don't like.
  • Yard Work. This is why I pay a guy to come over every other week and take care of what's left of my yard. I do plan to get rid of the shrubs that are overgrown and weird. I don't want plants that need to be shaped. I want native plants around my house that are low maintenance. However, it's too hot to tend to them right now. I'll wait for it too cool down. Probably in November.
  • Maintenance. I do the cleaning. However, I hate doing things like take out the trash, clean my air filter (stores hardly ever have the filter size I need so I have to cut my own - jerks).
I have a whole list of things that need to be done. I need a new fence. That's probably where my tax return will go next year. Later today, I'm putting new weather stripping around my doors (I can see sunlight, which is probably why I had a $200 electric bill!).

But the thing that stresses me out the most is my air conditioner. It's 8-years-old. I've written about the whole thermostat mess. I'm no longer in the energy saver program. But now, I'm beginning to wonder if there's something wrong. Last August, I sweat through three hot days while waiting for a repairman to show up only to add freon to the unit. Everything appeared to be OK with it until Friday night. It felt warm while I slept. When I woke up Saturday, the thermostat said it was 78 degrees (way too warm for me to doze). I didn't hear or feel any air blowing in the house. I walked outside to hear the unit running. I got closer to it, put my hand over it and felt hot air blowing (that's a good thing). Then, I took a closer look. Ice. I shut the unit off at the breaker.

I came inside and called the home warranty people and was informed it would be MONDAY before the company would schedule an appointment. By 12:30, it was 84 degrees inside. I walked out to take a peek at the unit. There was no more ice. I turned it back on. Everything was working fine. Still, I didn't want to cancel the service call. After the last experience, I was thinking I should just keep my fingers crossed that there were no further problems as the heat is definitely on again. So imagine my surprise when the a/c company called at 9:30 this morning! The main guy was on a call 20 minutes away and wanted to come by! YAY!

He gets here, checks everything out inside, then goes outside. He hooks up some gauge things and says I just need freon. So while he's doing that, we talk about my a/c and what I need to watch out for (you know, things you never know are supposed to be done because you've always been a renter). Let me share a couple of tips he gave me - especially handy if you have a home warranty because if you don't do these things and the a/c goes out, they won't cover it. He said to put ant killer around the unit because they can really mess it up. He also told me to gently wash the outside coils.

He told me not to worry about adding freon once a year. He said if it gets to the point where I'm doing that a few times a year, there's a problem.

If I had a husband, he would (hopefully) know these things and take care of them so that I could go about doing the things a girl should do. I have no shame saying that's man work. I want nothing to do with it.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Suck It Oil Companies, Pt. 6

I use that title with a little less anger than I've used in the last few weeks. Why? Because I filled up yesterday for $3.86 a gallon.

It is wrong that price actually made me happy.

Well, happy is probably not the word for it. Relieved? That might be the word.

I have gotten in the habit of filling up whenever my car reaches 1/4 of a tank. This time, it cost me just under $40 to top off the tank. I don't want to hear from those of you with large trucks or SUVs. I know that wouldn't fill half your tank. WAAAAH! Did it really sound like a good idea to buy a vehicle that gets 20mpg on the highway?

The folks at AAA predict prices will fall another quarter by Labor Day. Yay. That's a real steal (she says with sarcasm). It could always be worse. Alaskans are paying the highest prices in the country: $4.68 - and it's as much as $8.50 in remote areas! Yikes!

And if you haven't looked back at what you were paying a year ago, I've done the research. Prices now are 65% higher than they were last July.


Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dolly's Crazy

So, having spent most of my life along the Texas coast, I know a thing or two about tropical weather. I know that most people don't hit panic-mode with a little Category 1 (and even Cat. 2) storm. Strong, gusty winds aren't uncommon. Seabreeze showers don't scare us. And when it does pour, the flooding lets up pretty quickly.

When I heard Dolly was headed towards South Texas, my first thought was "OOOH! Maybe it'll rain at my house!" This morning, I woke up to sprinkly showers. Then a twister (or two) touched down on the opposite side of town from me. I thought, "I'm glad I don't live THERE." And about the time I normally get dressed and ready to take Charley for a quick walk before I leave for work, Julie calls to tell me a tornado could be headed my way.

What do I do?

Seek shelter?


I grab my camera and head outside. I start taking video of the neighbor's tree, swaying in the wind and then -BAM- rain is coming at me sideways. I scramble to get in the door. Here's the proof.

I begin to think "This is it. I'm gonna be wiped away by a silly tornado. If it's anything like the 'Wizard of Oz' I will wind up under the house with my legs sticking out from under the house. Is it too late to shave my legs?"

Lucky for me, the rain stopped. At least I thought it did. I put Charley in his rain slicker and headed out for the mailbox. The rain tricked us and returned once we got to the sidewalk. The sudden pauses in this video are from Charley refusing to keep up with me.

I eventually made it to work. My house is still standing. Unfortunately, so is my fence. I had so hoped it would come down with the stormy weather so I could get a new one.

Dolly, if you have the ability to surf the internet, I'm speaking directly to you when I say get the heck outta here. I'm over you.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

So Cute!

Despite moments of attacking each other, Charley & Chaplin are starting to like each other. For the last two days, I have walked into my bedroom to see them napping on my bed. I've managed to take pictures without them jumping off the bed (my big fear with Charley as he could hurt his back).The black lump at the top is Charley, nuzzled against he pictures. And there's Chaplin, laying on top of my clothes.

Brothers. So cute!

Big Bad John Rebuttal

I've been meaning to post this for a while. Jon Stewart finally got a hold of the Big Bad John video (from my blog perhaps???). You'll want to go about 1:30 into this video to see it. You saw it here first, folks! :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thank You For Being A Friend

If you can read that without singing it, well, you're too young to understand this.Estelle Getty died today.

I had no idea she had Lewy Body Dementia. She was 84. You can see more pictures on her website.

So long, Sophia!

Suck It Oil Companies, Pt. 5

It's been a while since I've written one of these. It doesn't mean that I'm accepting gas prices these days. It just means I've been paying the same price for about a month - give or take a penny.That still makes me mad. There is no reason why gas prices should be that high! It's an outrage! It's making me use exclamation points excessively!

I know, I know, it could be worse. I still don't wait for my car to get below 1/4 of a tank. I fill up before then out of fear the next time I need gas, the prices will be more than $4! This is why I use mapquest to find cheap gas prices on my route.

I'm still carpooling a few days of the week. Some weeks more than others as my carpool buddy has to fill in for other co-workers when they call in sick or take vacation. The nerve! Clearly, they hate the environment.

How Precious!

Sometimes girls dress alike - and it's often coincidence. That can be embarrassing or funny depending on the girl's mood. When guys do it, I think it's cute.

Case in point...
The first picture is Joshy. The second is Trevy Trev. Note the subtle differences. Joshy's shirt is untucked (it was his Friday). Trevy Trev's shirt is tucked in. I asked them to pose for a picture together and they declined. (Jerks).

Because they probably won't be happy that I'm sharing this picture with the world - or at least the handful of friends and dozens of strangers who stumble upon this blog - I'm going to help the brothers out. They're single. They're smart. They're not always jerks. They're funny. And they like white shirts and jeans.

Interested? Let me know in the comments section. And be prepared to send us a picture. After all, you've seen them.

NOTE: I haven't synced my phone with my computer in a while, so forgive these next few posts as they are dated if you witness my day-to-day dull life. If you don't see me everyday, this is all brand new information.

Let Your TiVo Do The Shopping

TiVo and Amazon are engaged. In the business world, they might call this a partnership, perhaps a merger.


These two are getting married and it's the TiVo subscribers who win. I think.

Here's what will happen: A show will mention a product. TiVo will send you to Amazon so you can buy it. That's crazy. It's like the future. You might meet George Jetson.

And if you can get one of those space-houses that do everything for you and come with a cleaning robot, let me know. I'll drop my DVR and get TiVo ASAP.

This was not the result of some wacky dream I had. I actually read it here. See? I'm not full of bull.

At least not on this topic.

Monday, July 21, 2008

JT Killed At the ESPYs

I'm trying to find this whole number he did. It was amazing. He sang. He danced. He poked fun at sports stars. So far, I've only found this tiny part of it.

Still good.

For Something Completely Different...

You MUST check out this blog.

It shows cakes gone wrong. It's funny. It's disturbing. It makes me want cake.

Cool Pictures

And they're not taken by me!

National Geographic has a slideshow of see-through animal photos. I'm including my favorite, the roundbelly cowfish.If you want to see the others, click here.

See? I'm here to educate!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Free Flair!

A few months ago, I was on NBC's website and I saw a thing to get free politically-themed pins on their website. I checked all the boxes, gave them my address and forgot all about it.

Until Friday.
I received this manila envelope from NBC Universal and for a second wondered what it could be. I shook it and recognized the familiar sound of a pile of pins! It was free flair! They even paid $2.02 to ship them to me!
Here they are.I kept two of them, then forced them on my co-workers. Free Flair Friday. I like it!

BTW, NBC is all out of the pins. But you could maybe get a sticker out of them.

From A Kitten To A Tiger

Because of his very distinct markings, I sometimes think of Chaplin as a grey tiger. He has just a hint of orange around his face, though he won't sit still long enough for me to get a good shot of it. Count on seeing those when I get them. And now, at my mom's request, pictures of her grandkitten.
Here he is at 10-weeks. He and Charley sometimes play. And last night, when I was going to bed, Charley was already there, with his back to the pillows and Chaplin was asleep on the pillows. By the time I got to my camera, Chaplin was up and trying to play/attack Charley. I keep hoping they'll relax around each other soon.

What Are You Doing?

Why are you reading blogs when you should be getting ready to watch the Mad Men season one marathon?

If you're going to keep reading blogs, I hope you've set your DVR or TiVo for this fantastic series. Watch the show and let me know what you think!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

New Music

Perhaps you've heard this song already, but I am so loving it these days.

That's Justin Nozuka. He's a kid, but his music is very soulful. You can learn more about him and hear some of his other music on his website.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Just a Reminder

Set your DVR for the Sunday marathon of Mad Men on AMC. Season one is fantastic! Season two starts on the 27th, so you'll want to be caught up by then. There's a reason this show was nominated for a gazillion Emmy awards. You won't be disappointed.

Breaking News: US Invades Paris

How's THAT for a headline?

So I'm checking out the NY Times this morning and see this story about the invasion of Paris. Before you start making your protest signs, there are no tanks or military weapons involved.

It's the invasion of the -gasp- burger. Behold, Frenchie's burger.So not what we're used to seeing. Leave it to the French to mess up one of my favorite American meals. Would you pay $56 for a burger and fries? If your answer is yes, call me. Let's do lunch.

What's the big deal? Well, for those of you whose only exposure to France is from Pepe le Pew or french fries (until you started calling them "freedom fries"), I'll explain.

The French don't typically eat with their hands. So imagine the difficult task of eating a burger with a fork and knife. Where's the fun in that?

However, with Americans seeking the comforts of McDonalds and bypassing local fare, the French caved and are doing their own twist on our beloved burger. This story tells all about it and includes the recipes for some of these, including a T-bone steak burger. Seems like a waste of a perfectly good steak to me.

Now, I want a burger.

Wow. I Mean WOW!

Did you see this?

That's The Queen, y'all! Helen Mirren, who's 63-years-old rocked the bikini. I mean rocked. As in does YOUR grandma look that good in a bikini?

Didn't think so.

If you want to see some of the other pictures, click here. After you pick your jaw up off the floor.. I know. It's amazing.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've Been Sucked In

To Stephenie Meyer's vampire series, that is.

So imagine my delight when I went to the mailbox and found this waiting for me.
Those two play the leads in the move version of the first book in the series, Twilight.

The magazine includes an article on the making of the movie. It also includes an interview with the author. Some of the tidbits from her:
  • She's working on a novel of Twilight as seen from Edward's point of view (it hasn't been sold and Meyer teases that it could be published on her website instead of in book form)
  • The alien series The Host already has two books to follow it (they haven't been completed yet)
  • She's also planning a time-travel novel
I just pre-ordered my copy of Breaking Dawn this morning (for $14.92!) and decided I could not wait for delivery. I'll be picking it up in the store!

Thanks to Julie for getting me hooked on this! It's fun reading!

Of course, you could see more about what I've just written on EW's website here. And while Julie is the lucky weekly recipient of this magazine after I've absorbed the yummy dose of pop culture, I recommend you take the old school route and pick up the magazine!

I've Gone Batty

Y'all know I'm crazy. Now, you can see it's official.

Shhh...I've escaped.

Create Your Own

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Wild And CRAZY Kids

The kids are kind of getting along. But they often get into this wild game of going after each other. I took a little video this morning to show them in action. As usual in these little sparring matches, no one gets hurt.

Now if I could just get them to nap...

NOTE: I'm not sure why blogger makes the video so dark. As soon as I figure out the fancy editing equipment on my computer, I'll turn out better videos. Stay tuned.

Best Movie Promotion

So, in case you've been in a cave somewhere, The Dark Knight opens this week. Tuesday, they sent out cakes that had a phone number written in icing, and wires hanging out from the side.
One station (not ours) suspected it was a bomb (see our story here).

I guess we don't have sticks up our bums because we got a kick out of it. The work came to a halt in the newsroom when our cake arrived. Here's a little video I took of the event.

I cannot wait for this movie to make it to theaters!!!

BTW... The cake was not as good as I had hoped it would be. It was dried out angel food cake with chocolate icing.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Crazy Kitten

Sometimes Chaplin has moments of cuteness.Other times, he has moments of wild beast.Still, he's adorable - except when he bites. I'm trying to break him of that. I know, he's just 9-weeks-old, I shouldn't be so hard on him. But his teeth are like razor blades. Maybe not razor blades. I suppose it's more like a stapler.

He's almost as tall as Charley. And he has gotten longer. But he's not as long as Charley. He weighs a little more than 3lbs. He has become fixated with the pantry. Every time I open the door, he darts in there. No matter how many times I remove him, he keeps running back into it. BTW - my pantry is not the walk-in kind. It's basically a closet.

So there's my Chaplin update of the week - mainly for my Mom's benefit. She wants to know how her grandkitten is doing.

Rocks Hate My Car

There must be some sort of vast conspiracy among the rocks on the road. It's like they see my car and think "That's the one! Get it!" Then, they fly at warp speed and smash into my windshield, often sending a small crack across the windshield.

Today, one of them was especially large. I actually saw it coming. I bobbed my head to the left as if it was going to crash through my windshield and clobber me. Luckily, the glass stopped it. And immediately, this was what I saw.I called it names. I cursed all rock-kind. And now, I think I have to break down and get a new windshield. This crack scares me. I'm afraid it will do great harm to the rest of the windshield. So if you want to help your friend Nicole pay for a new windshield, send me unmarked cash. I believe it will cost $1 million to replace. I'm making a call to Jerry Lewis to see if he can do a telethon for me.

Everything Old Is New Again

So I'm checking out the LA Times and spy a picture and a headline that make me think back to my youth:


Does it have to be "in" again? I remember the first go-round. The second I stepped out of my nice cool home or classroom, that shirt was changing colors in all the wrong places (i.e. boobies). Do you need to bring more attention to things like that? I think not.

Then again, I'm not bringing hypercolor back. If it's not cool enough for JT to bring back, then it's not cool for you to bring back.

If you missed hypercolor 20-some years ago, click here.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Set Your DVR

I'm guessing most of my friends and anonymous readers are looking for entertainment (that's why you're here, isn't it?). So allow me to introduce you to one of my favorite shows: Mad Men.

It's about advertising executives in the 1960s. It is one of the best dramas on television - and most people have never heard of it! The main character is that good looking guy seated in the middle. You'll have to learn to get past the dude on the left if you watched Sex and The City (AKA Mr. Golden Shower).

I get paid nothing to promote this show. However, I could gain the chance to talk to you about this wonderful hour every week. This is the first part of the first episode.

You can watch the rest of the first episode here.

You can set your DVR for AMC on July 20th when the network will run the full first season back-to-back. There were 13 episodes, so you'll need to plan accordingly. The actors are fantastic. The costumes are amazing. And it's quite a trip to see pregnant people smoking (as they often did back then). You could even have cocktail hour as you watch it! It's great TV. It's not reality TV. And what else are you watching this summer?

Get busy! Season 2 premieres July 27th.

Hmmm... Coincidence?

I have been sucked into another VH1 series - The 100 Greatest Teen Stars. It got me thinking about some of my favorite movies starring teens. Why is it that the villain is always blond?

HeathersPretty in PinkValley Girl
Karate KidMean Girls
Just wondering...

I Love My Friends!

I have friends with children, who have to invest a whole lot of time wrangling them.

I have friends with pets, who understand why I do things with my four-legged kids. You know, like when I force Charley to wear a costume at Halloween. Or when I make him wear his birthday hat. You get the idea.

My friend, Michelle, has an adorable lab named Jackson. Not only does she make him get into the spirit of things, she takes pictures and sends them out (like any proud Mom would). I got the latest one in the mail this week.Isn't he cute? He certainly earned some treats sitting still for that picture!

I know, you people who don't have pets don't get this. Just roll your eyes and keep your mouth shut. This is perfectly normal behavior. Don't act like your kids enjoy getting dressed up for photos.

So go ahead. Have a star spangled summer!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Office Walk

So yesterday, I wrote about the whole parking snafu (scroll down for that one or click here if you're lazy). I gave you the episode of The Office about their parking problems (hilarious). Julie wrote about it, too, and included pictures of the tower painting project. But I thought it would be better if I showed you what our walk was like. I grabbed my camera and Julie and I set off for our cars. No need to pack a snack - it took us two minutes. That's after we stopped to read a silly sign.

Oh - a warning. The video you're about to see might make you nauseous if you suffer from motion sickness. BTW - since I'm not a professional photographer, you should not give me a whole lot of grief about this video. After all, people actually PAID MONEY to watch The Blair Witch Project.

If you couldn't make out the silly sign in the video (and I can't blame you), here they are. Giggle away.

Fatal Accidents Are No Laughing Matter

But sometimes, artists renderings are.

I was looking for actual information on the county's useless website, when I saw this picture.Note the Mexi-mullet. I'm picturing some sort of bizarre photoshop/Mr. Potatohead police software that lets you create your own suspect rendering. And if it's available to the average consumer, I'd like to get my hands on it (the fun I could have with Christmas cards!).

Seriously, if you've seen THAT guy, he's wanted for a hit and run accident that left a 12-year-old boy dead. You can read the sad part of this story here.

I sure hope he's caught. Not just because he killed a kid. I want him caught so I can match this computer-generated image to the real thing.

Parking Lot Troubles

Going from the car to the office is a lot like this these days.

Our satellite lot is a high school. I did not have penny loafers, so at least I'm not out any change. Oh, and I made it across the street twice without being run over, so that's a good thing.

If you want to know why we can't park near the building, read Julie's blog.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Want A Chocolate Chip Cookie

So I'm looking at the NY Times and I come across this story. It's not so much news as it is a vision in all that is right with the world.

Behold, the perfect chocolate chip cookie.Just seeing that picture made me instantly crave that goodness. So I'm passing it on to you.

Read the story here (and prepare to instantly crave cookies - if you aren't already), or get the recipe here. And make me a cookie!

Green With Envy

I envy people with a nice, lush green yard.

This is what a lot of my yard looks like.
It's fried from the early summer heat and the lack of water (I very rarely water it because when I think about it, it's noon and that's not the time to water). I put some fertilizer down Saturday - before the first good soaking my yard has seen in a while - and there is hope.I've got my fingers crossed that the whole yard will look like the shadier parts of the yard.
I'm hoping the recent rainy spell will help, though I'm actually glad it's easing off a bit. The yard is a little soggy now. Hopefully, the rain will come back and see us soon!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thindy's Naughty

Cindy Brady,whose real name is Susan Olsen, went on a radio show after having a bit too much wine. She left halfway through it to go puke.

Nice, right?

Watch the video (of her running out of the room - not actually hugging the toilet) and see that not only can the littlest Brady not hold her booze, but notice she has not aged well.

On a happy note...things aren't THAT bad for me!

I'm Already Ready For The Weekend

Monday was rough.

First, I was slapped with another reminder of my stupidity. A few weeks ago, I pre-ordered the Aerosmith bundle for the Wii. I was excited when I received an email last week, telling me it had shipped. It was to arrive Thursday. So imagine my disappointment when I returned home Thursday night to find no package. Friday was a holiday. By Sunday, I was preparing to file a claim with UPS. Then, I went and looked at the email. Somehow, my old address was listed as the shipping address. How could this be? I don't remember seeing that listed at any point of the order? I go on Best Buy's website and look at my account. Nowhere is that address listed. In fact, my current address is the only one listed with the account. HMMM.

I call Best Buy and talk to a few people there. I'm told there's nothing they can do - they sent it to the address I gave them. Afterall, they do give you three chances before the order is submitted. And then, when the order ships, they list the address in the email. GRRRR. I call UPS. They say there's nothing they can do. They shipped it to the address I gave them. I think I'm going to be sick. I call the old apartment complex and am surprised to get the one woman in the office who was nice to me. She remembers me. I ask about the package - thinking maybe, JUST MAYBE, it was delivered to the office and not left at the front door of the apartment (afterall, it was delivered the day before a holiday - would they really leave it at the door?). She looks. No package. I ask her if anyone's living in that apartment, she says no. WAAAAAH! No game for me. And I'm out $100!

I get to work, which is always how I like to start the week. It's raining SO hard in the parking lot, Josh, my carpool partner, and I decide to wait it out. It starts to pour so much, the parking lot begins to flood. I take a picture, then move so we don't have to step out of the car and into a lake. Luckily, I make it to the building in light rain - without falling down. See? Miracles can happen! Within an hour or so, the server crashes (it did this Friday, but we managed to get on the air without troubles). It was touch and go all day. Half of my show had to be edited on tape - like the old days. By the time we got into the control room, my head hurt sooo bad. Still, I had to make it through the show AND The Bachelorette (recap on the work blog). I fell asleep by 2AM, my head still pounding. It's still a little achy today.

But it wasn't all thorns yesterday (note the influence from The Bachelorette - man am I glad that stupid show is over!). In between my video game meltdown and the chaos known as work, I received a super fun delivery! Shea sent me a Biggio helmet - not one you can wear. This was the giveaway a couple of weeks ago at an Astros game. It was in response to the one I had my mom send her a few weeks earlier, shrinking Bidge in plaster at his final game. I always thought of the ageless ballplayer as Pig Pen. He never could play a game without getting dirty.

That was the highlight of my day. I'm afraid the way the week started, it may be the highlight of my week. Boo.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Laughter Chain

This is funny. Not funny enough for me to record myself being a giggling fool with my web cam.

If you want to read about it, click here. Enjoy!

For The Single Girls

I want the girls I know (and even those I've never met but read this blog) to know you should never give up hope of finding Mr. Right.

You should never settle.

And you should live without regret - but with hope.

Read this and you'll understand why I'm all optimistic.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Play Time

Little Chaplin is now 8-weeks-old. He LOVES to play. He's also fond of chasing Charley (and being chased by Charley). He also likes to climb. I need to get that on video before he figures out he can jump. Here he is playing on one toy that keeps him busy for a while.