Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How Precious!

Sometimes girls dress alike - and it's often coincidence. That can be embarrassing or funny depending on the girl's mood. When guys do it, I think it's cute.

Case in point...
The first picture is Joshy. The second is Trevy Trev. Note the subtle differences. Joshy's shirt is untucked (it was his Friday). Trevy Trev's shirt is tucked in. I asked them to pose for a picture together and they declined. (Jerks).

Because they probably won't be happy that I'm sharing this picture with the world - or at least the handful of friends and dozens of strangers who stumble upon this blog - I'm going to help the brothers out. They're single. They're smart. They're not always jerks. They're funny. And they like white shirts and jeans.

Interested? Let me know in the comments section. And be prepared to send us a picture. After all, you've seen them.

NOTE: I haven't synced my phone with my computer in a while, so forgive these next few posts as they are dated if you witness my day-to-day dull life. If you don't see me everyday, this is all brand new information.
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