Sunday, July 6, 2008

Welcome To Mexico, Er, San Antonio!

I spent a few hours downtown Saturday with some of my relatives. I gave them more than half a dozen different restaurants, and we wound up at Mi Tierra. Considering how crowded it was, this was probably good because we were able to roam Market Square until our table was ready.

I had warned them it was like Mexico, only your odds of being shot/stabbed/robbed were significantly lower. The music, the raspas, the roasted corn were all like what you see on the streets south of the border. While I did not spot anyone peddling live stock, my young cousins spotted a bull and insisted on riding it. Here they are:
Elizabeth on the bull
Kora on the bull

For a second I wanted to kick off my shoes and hop on. Then I thought I'd probably get whiplash or get knocked off it and dislocate my shoulder.

Ah, to be young again.

I kept myself from buying anything (I even passed on a super cute ring). We had lunch, and then I sent them on their way to Austin. I'm hoping my Seattle-based relatives find a house there so we can have more adventures like that!
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