Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm Already Ready For The Weekend

Monday was rough.

First, I was slapped with another reminder of my stupidity. A few weeks ago, I pre-ordered the Aerosmith bundle for the Wii. I was excited when I received an email last week, telling me it had shipped. It was to arrive Thursday. So imagine my disappointment when I returned home Thursday night to find no package. Friday was a holiday. By Sunday, I was preparing to file a claim with UPS. Then, I went and looked at the email. Somehow, my old address was listed as the shipping address. How could this be? I don't remember seeing that listed at any point of the order? I go on Best Buy's website and look at my account. Nowhere is that address listed. In fact, my current address is the only one listed with the account. HMMM.

I call Best Buy and talk to a few people there. I'm told there's nothing they can do - they sent it to the address I gave them. Afterall, they do give you three chances before the order is submitted. And then, when the order ships, they list the address in the email. GRRRR. I call UPS. They say there's nothing they can do. They shipped it to the address I gave them. I think I'm going to be sick. I call the old apartment complex and am surprised to get the one woman in the office who was nice to me. She remembers me. I ask about the package - thinking maybe, JUST MAYBE, it was delivered to the office and not left at the front door of the apartment (afterall, it was delivered the day before a holiday - would they really leave it at the door?). She looks. No package. I ask her if anyone's living in that apartment, she says no. WAAAAAH! No game for me. And I'm out $100!

I get to work, which is always how I like to start the week. It's raining SO hard in the parking lot, Josh, my carpool partner, and I decide to wait it out. It starts to pour so much, the parking lot begins to flood. I take a picture, then move so we don't have to step out of the car and into a lake. Luckily, I make it to the building in light rain - without falling down. See? Miracles can happen! Within an hour or so, the server crashes (it did this Friday, but we managed to get on the air without troubles). It was touch and go all day. Half of my show had to be edited on tape - like the old days. By the time we got into the control room, my head hurt sooo bad. Still, I had to make it through the show AND The Bachelorette (recap on the work blog). I fell asleep by 2AM, my head still pounding. It's still a little achy today.

But it wasn't all thorns yesterday (note the influence from The Bachelorette - man am I glad that stupid show is over!). In between my video game meltdown and the chaos known as work, I received a super fun delivery! Shea sent me a Biggio helmet - not one you can wear. This was the giveaway a couple of weeks ago at an Astros game. It was in response to the one I had my mom send her a few weeks earlier, shrinking Bidge in plaster at his final game. I always thought of the ageless ballplayer as Pig Pen. He never could play a game without getting dirty.

That was the highlight of my day. I'm afraid the way the week started, it may be the highlight of my week. Boo.
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