Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Love My Friends!

I have friends with children, who have to invest a whole lot of time wrangling them.

I have friends with pets, who understand why I do things with my four-legged kids. You know, like when I force Charley to wear a costume at Halloween. Or when I make him wear his birthday hat. You get the idea.

My friend, Michelle, has an adorable lab named Jackson. Not only does she make him get into the spirit of things, she takes pictures and sends them out (like any proud Mom would). I got the latest one in the mail this week.Isn't he cute? He certainly earned some treats sitting still for that picture!

I know, you people who don't have pets don't get this. Just roll your eyes and keep your mouth shut. This is perfectly normal behavior. Don't act like your kids enjoy getting dressed up for photos.

So go ahead. Have a star spangled summer!
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