Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dolly's Crazy

So, having spent most of my life along the Texas coast, I know a thing or two about tropical weather. I know that most people don't hit panic-mode with a little Category 1 (and even Cat. 2) storm. Strong, gusty winds aren't uncommon. Seabreeze showers don't scare us. And when it does pour, the flooding lets up pretty quickly.

When I heard Dolly was headed towards South Texas, my first thought was "OOOH! Maybe it'll rain at my house!" This morning, I woke up to sprinkly showers. Then a twister (or two) touched down on the opposite side of town from me. I thought, "I'm glad I don't live THERE." And about the time I normally get dressed and ready to take Charley for a quick walk before I leave for work, Julie calls to tell me a tornado could be headed my way.

What do I do?

Seek shelter?


I grab my camera and head outside. I start taking video of the neighbor's tree, swaying in the wind and then -BAM- rain is coming at me sideways. I scramble to get in the door. Here's the proof.

I begin to think "This is it. I'm gonna be wiped away by a silly tornado. If it's anything like the 'Wizard of Oz' I will wind up under the house with my legs sticking out from under the house. Is it too late to shave my legs?"

Lucky for me, the rain stopped. At least I thought it did. I put Charley in his rain slicker and headed out for the mailbox. The rain tricked us and returned once we got to the sidewalk. The sudden pauses in this video are from Charley refusing to keep up with me.

I eventually made it to work. My house is still standing. Unfortunately, so is my fence. I had so hoped it would come down with the stormy weather so I could get a new one.

Dolly, if you have the ability to surf the internet, I'm speaking directly to you when I say get the heck outta here. I'm over you.
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