Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Office Walk

So yesterday, I wrote about the whole parking snafu (scroll down for that one or click here if you're lazy). I gave you the episode of The Office about their parking problems (hilarious). Julie wrote about it, too, and included pictures of the tower painting project. But I thought it would be better if I showed you what our walk was like. I grabbed my camera and Julie and I set off for our cars. No need to pack a snack - it took us two minutes. That's after we stopped to read a silly sign.

Oh - a warning. The video you're about to see might make you nauseous if you suffer from motion sickness. BTW - since I'm not a professional photographer, you should not give me a whole lot of grief about this video. After all, people actually PAID MONEY to watch The Blair Witch Project.

If you couldn't make out the silly sign in the video (and I can't blame you), here they are. Giggle away.
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