Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm A BIG Dreamer

IT'S HERE! NEIMAN MARCUS HAS ROLLED OUT ITS HOLIDAY CATALOG! Sorry for the shouting but I look forward to this each year - not because I could actually buy what I want from it, but because it allows me to dream. Here's what I wanted last year (BTW, none of you jerks came through and I still kinda want that cupcake car). So, allow me to dream big this year.

Note: I'm flipping the virtual pages, so my wish list is in order of the catalog, not desire.

I loved this Diane von Furstenberg mink knit hobo bag before I knew it was DVF and mink.

I love the size. I love the colors. I love the apparent movement of the furry fringe.

What I don't love (and the reason why I'm not buying this for myself) is the price tag.

Are you sitting down?


I think I'd have to give this bag a name and put it in another bag out of fear it would get damaged or assaulted by PETA. Still, I love it and think it would be a fantastic addiction to my collection.

The His and Hers Metroship Houseboat is lovely! It's described as a "luxury loft that just happens to float."

I'm not sure that I'd be able to sleep on this (and depending on where it was floating, I might fear pirate invasion). But I'd like to give it a try.

Still, for a quarter of a million dollars, I could probably find comfortable digs on solid ground, but I think this could be fun for a little while. Maybe. Is this refundable?


I love a camera. I really do. If I had a lot of money, I'd probably collect them. And just seeing this one in the catalog, it has become an object of my desire.

Leica made this camera just for Neiman Marcus. It's digital with changeable lenses. Get a look at that brown ostrich trim! To quote Rachel Zoe, "I. Die." In fact, it's even prettier than the camera she featured (and I also said I wanted).

The downside: the price tag.

For $17,500, I could buy many things (like 17,000 digital cameras). But this one is so pretty! It would be too pretty to toss in my bag and carry just in case there's a moment to capture (like I do now with my Kodak camera). Still, it's one that I would treasure. I might even learn how to use all its features. You'll never know if you don't buy it for me.

I can TOTALLY picture myself pedaling my pooch in this Tory Burch family chariot electric tricycle!

I could also put it to use for my imagined pancake delivery service!

It's so pretty and kind of practical. It is a functioning tricycle. And the electric part would come in handy when I get tired/lazy.

I can't see using this as a regular means of transportation. I don't even think it would fit in my garage.

Face it, you could get a better everyday bicycle for less than $4,500. But would you get as much attention?

I have had a few misadventures with gingerbread houses. I guess that's why the idea of one that would transport you to the land of Hansel and Gretel is so appetizing.

The facts:

  • 381 pounds of gingerbread
  • 517 pounds of royal icing
  • lollipop tree inside
Oh, and there are gumdrops, giant cookies and more sweets all from Dylan's Candy Bar!

The listing does not say if you'll have to assemble it. And I suppose you'd want to keep it inside to keep birds and the weather from ruining it. In my case, I'd have to put it in a cage to keep the dog and cat from getting to it. 

With a price tag of $15,000, it would be one special holiday (and a dentist's dream).

They had me at "tequila."

Also, it's the perfect gift. You buy, you get the first invitation!

Todd English will cook and there's a DJ, included in the bash.

I'd even get a keepsake bottle of tequila to remember the night (because there's a good chance if I drink all the tequila on hand I won't remember anything). 

I know the $125,000 price tag is steep, but I bet we can find a way to sneak a few extra tequila bottles into our bags so we have a few more mementos of this uber-fun gift!

That's really all I love in the catalog. Everything else is either not even a power nap dream or I just didn't think it was special. Lots of boots, fur-trimmed capes, etc. Also, I tallied the list and I've topped $300,000. Clearly, I've done enough dream damage. But if you want to send me one of these gifts, I will be super happy! I'd also be super happy to get a book off my wish list at Borders (see, I can be practical) or just to get a comment from you (here or on the phone).
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