Friday, October 1, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

Teri Hatcher still wants you to know she doesn't always look great.

Oh, Vanessa Minnillo. No one wants to know this about you and Nick Lachey.

I wonder what Tiger's looking at?

Madonna has the best photo shoppers money can buy.

Watch this before the music rights go *poof* and the video is pulled!

Diddy in a kilt.

Oh, look. ANOTHER remake.

This kid has come a long way from "Who's The Boss?"

Heidi Klum is no longer keeping Victoria's Secret.

I want abs like Shakira without the work. Get on this.

Please tell me matching your hair color to your clothing is not the new Fall thing.

Anderson Cooper is coming to daytime TV.

Tom Arnold is in rehab. Again.

Um, wow.

I don't know that the world wants an Entourage movie.

Star Wars is being re-released in 3-D.  You know, because George Lucas doesn't have enough money.

Bradley Cooper can talk about his love for Renee Zellwegger all he wants, I still won't see that move they're in.

MI:4 is happening.

If you like your male dolls to have hair that looks like it was put on backwards, put this on your holiday wish list.

Tom Cruise may be wearing lifts in his shoes. Not surprised.

What the Kim Kardashian is happening here?

Kelly Osbourne has a mustache - and it's all her mom's fault.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominations have been announced.

I wonder if this tribute to Tina Fey will become like a roast?

The President shares his iPod picks.

Rachel Zoe can't keep assistants.

Some of my favorite fishing boat captains are out of "The Deadliest Catch."

Pause for a moment of cuteness.

This sounds like a tour not likely to sell out.

Eva Longoria is a real do-gooder.

Sarah Jessica Parker took out the twins - and I'm not talking about her boobs.

Here's Meg Ryan looking almost normal.

Helen Mirren has some bikini body tips.

Why, Billboard? WHY?

George Lopez's wife gave him a kidney, now they're getting a divorce

Jenny McCarthy says she broke up with Jim Carrey because the "relationship stopped being fun." 

Conan and his bandleader have broken up.

Explain what Kate Beckinsale is wearing.

You can run, but you won't be able to hide from Mariah Carey this holiday season. Until then, you can fall all over this.

Katherine Heigl never has to fear an experience like this with me.

Katy Perry literally poked fun at her Sesame Street shunning.

There was a whole lot of drama at Sunday's Miami Dolphins game - and it wasn't on the field.

OK, Kutchers. We get it. You're not splitting up. Stop this.

GaGa cleans up well - if you like dominatrix Hillary Clinton.
And then she wears something like this, just to shake things up.

Exciting: Beyonce has new music coming out in a few weeks.

Beyonce's next step towards world domination: temporary tattoos.

Poor Justin Bieber.

Fearing serious jail time, Lindsay Lohan may return to rehab. Maybe she should try not doing things that require one to repeatedly return to rehab? You know, like this. UPDATE: she checked into rehab.

Another Deschanel has married.

This makes me appreciate Mad Men even more.

Hurley + Matthew Perry = Win!

Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk. Interesting.

If you thought Gloria Stuart was really old in Titanic, she was 100-years-old when she died this week.

R.I.P., Greg Giraldo.

And R.I.P., Tony Curtis.
Also, R.I.P., Arthur Penn.

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