Friday, October 8, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

If you buy Heidi Klum's active wear, does it automatically give you her body?

Johnny Depp made a dream come true for a little girl. If only he'd make my inner little girl's dream come true...

These promos give me high hopes that Jane Lynch will be funny on SNL this weekend.

Some one in Hollywood wanted to trade sex with Gwyneth Paltrow for a role? Shocking.

I guess this is why Daryl Hannah hasn't been acting?

That Tila Tequila has officially been declared no good.

Keanu CAN smile!

Ladies have lots of power. LOVE IT!

Tom Cruise should make a workout video.

Phil Collins loves The Alamo so much, he's writing a book about it.

I hope Wilmer Valderrama's return to TV is better than some of the other sitcoms.

It appears Nickleodeon pulled a fast one on the girl who voices "Dora The Explorer."

Still photos can be unkind. Case in point: Victoria Beckham.

I wonder what the world would be like if we all dressed like the stars when they're at the airport?

I've dreamed I've left my house in pajamas. But, it's reality for Britney Spears.

Caroline Manzo! Don't you DARE encourage this!

Kirstie Alley is sharing her diet secret.

Toni Braxton needs to a) get a job and b) stop spending like she has one.

Apparently, there aren't many people who don't want a piece of Christina Hendricks.

Kelly Ripa talks about her alone time with her hubby.

Still not sure how I feel about this new coupling.

If you've been waiting for an "Arrested Development" movie, you'd better start watching "Running Wilde."

James Franco thought it would be a good idea to pose in drag for a magazine cover.

Here's how Penelope Cruz shows off her baby bump.

"Actress" Jessica Alba is whining about how better looking other actresses are.

Lisa Rinna is still talking about her lips.

Katherine Heigl won't return to "Grey's Anatomy."

This is a pretty random potential couple.

Kelly Osbourne is going to untattoo herself a little bit.

Oprah has given Rosie the "what not to" business.

I kinda dig Keira Knightley's new 'do.

Now, I've heard everything: Tony Curtis was buried with his iPhone.

Dana Delaney says she's a victim of a bad Botox job.

Here's a reality show I might crash.

If this doesn't make Jennifer Aniston seem like the world's neediest girl, I don't know what does.

Susan Sarandon didn't think her relationship with Tim Robbins would end.

Can't a girl have a bra malfunction without it being photographed?

I triple dog dare you to do The Leo Strut at the club.

Is "Wonder Woman" returning to TV?

One of my "Daily Show" faves is engaged.

Here's a link to a link of Courtney Love semi-nude. I'm not brave enough to look. Tell me how scary it is.

Apparently, Zsa Zsa is doing better.

Coming to the big screen: Captain Sully, The Movie.

Jennifer Lopez is working on a TV show for ABC. I already can't wait to miss this one.
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