Monday, October 18, 2010

Candy TOTALLY Gets Me!

M&Ms are one of my favorite candies. If I am having a bag all to myself, I like to separate them by color and eat them by pairs. Walk by my desk on an M&M day, and you'll see this.
Plenty of co-workers have said this is strange (though the lady making sure our new phone system actually works told me she does the same). It's a thing I do. Get over it. Besides, since I like to eat my M&Ms in pairs, I give away the lonely ones that don't have a same-colored mate.

I have fully embraced this OCD behavior. And, it seems, my beloved candy has, too.

Behold their new Fall campaign.
M&Ms, perfectly segregated by color and made into delicious, candy coated chocolate leaves! Sure, they're probably computer generated, but I'm kind of inspired to by these special Fall colored candies to make my own edible leaves.

M&M, I love you. Now, more than ever!
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