Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Come See My New Office

That was the seemingly friendly invite from my dad today. I hadn't seen the last office - since he moved across the street from the police department. We head downtown, thinking we'll pop in and go to lunch.

Um, no.

We get there to find boxes and desks all over the place.
My mom walked right past my dad, in the same clothes he wore to work, now sweaty and dusty. Two guys he supervises are also a dirty mess. They got the new offices they wanted, the only catch: they'd have to empty the new space, move their stuff in, then move that old unwanted stuff to their old offices.

That meant a LOT of physical labor - not at all what I was expecting. Since that's not REALLY my thing, I decided to walk around, look out windows and chat it up with people while they were doing the hard work. And, of course, I snapped lots of pictures with my phone.

There were too many times when someone said, "that's what she said."
But the thing that made me laugh the hardest was my mom trying to plug in something behind the desk in the new office with my brother holding her feet in the air and my dad saying something about her not being able to reach it.

Did I help? Nope. I pulled out the phone again and took a picture.
After a few hours, and a lunch run by yours truly, we had enough. We left dad to tend to his new office with the view of the trees, parking lots, and buildings.
BTW...I preferred the office from a few years ago. At least you could see the water from THAT one. OH. It also had sprinklers. You'd think office space once occupied by the fire department would have sprinklers - you know, in case there was a fire.
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