Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Too Much Social Networking?

I have some friends who (shocking) aren't on Facebook - so you know they're not on myspace. They may be on LinkedIn. They might Twitter. Those who don't subscribe to those social networking sites tell me they don't have time. Some say they just don't want people they haven't heard from in decades to know what they're up to now.

I have joined all those - and more, sometimes reluctantly. I can tell you Facebook and Twitter are the only ones I visit regularly. When I think of the others, it often takes me several tries to get my username and password right. I probably check myspace once every two weeks. And that's only to see friends' blogs and pictures, as well as the occasional search for someone in the news.

To all of you who have the courage to say no and stick to it, my hat's off. You're better off not being pestered into updating your page and visiting others pages. Be firm in telling your friends and associates that you have a very strong "no social networking on the web" policy.

Those of you who have joined any of those sites (and if you haven't made me one of your friends, what's wrong with you?), don't feel overwhelmed. Just check it whenever you think of it - like when someone says "Did you read my myspace blog?"
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