Sunday, June 29, 2008

R.I.P. Cornell

This was my second cat, Cornell. I just learned he was put down today. It's so sad. I'm glad I got to see him this week, even if he was somewhat irritated by Chaplin.

I found Cornell when I was working at my first TV job. He followed me to the door of the newsroom, his voice so hoarse he could barely meow. He was about the size of Chaplin. I took him to my parents house (they were out of town). By the time they got back, my first cat, Freckles, was tolerating him and despite the long distance threats to take him to the pound, after one look at the little orange fluff ball, they were smitten with that kitten.

He was born in a florist shop across the street and apparently the smell of fresh flowers reminded him of that. He could never keep his little face out of flowers. He also learned to drink out of a dripping faucet - something he did forever (he preferred fresh water to that stagnant bowl).

He was loud. He thought someone needed to get up with him hours before the alarm clock would go off. He was not named after the university. I was trying to figure out what to call him and when a Soundgarden video came on MTV, I thought Cornell sounded cool. And that's how he got his name.

He loved avocado, sardines, an occasional french fry and a bit of cookie every now and then.

He seemed a little lonely when Mom had to put down Cornell, though he learned to deal with the loss.

When I saw him this week, he had been to the vet for a problem with his left eye (it sometimes was clouded with blood). He put up with us holding him still for eye drops and forcing him to swallow his pill. Last night, he just wasn't doing well. My mom spent the night watching out for him. Then, a decision was made to keep him from suffering anymore. He's being cremated and Mom has saved some of his fur and hopes to clone him.

He was the best cat I'd ever known. I type this through tears, knowing he's with the other four-legged members of our family who've passed.

R.I.P. Cornell. I hope your time with us was better than it would have been on the streets. I know our family was better with you in it.
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