Saturday, June 28, 2008

What's Fun About iLike

I came across this site the other day, called iLike. After looking at it, I decided it would be fun if my friends were involved. Here's why:
  • It lets me see what my friends (and strangers) are listening to - but I can make my settings private so only friends can see my stuff
  • When you download the sidebar, you can add songs and artists you like as you play music on iTunes. This gives you recommendations and even FREE (yes, FREE) downloads from similar artists - usually ones you've never heard of.
  • Based on the artists you like, it will give you information on their tours, even when they're close to your town.
  • Since I rarely listen to the radio, this is one more way for me to find new artists/songs.
Friends, I know I wrote about too much social networking, but this is totally different. You don't have to write anything. Just click "add song to my profile" as you listen to music. That's not too hard! We might learn from each other. We might find new music without paying a penny to download it. So if you haven't joined, what are you waiting for?
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