Thursday, June 12, 2008

On the DL

Either it's my lack of grace or some sort of invisible gremlins, but something took me down yesterday. I wanted a fountain drink. I chose to stop at a convenience store. I got out of my car, took three steps, then I realized my right foot wasn't moving. Am I falling? WHAM. I'm on the ground. I didn't even have a chance to put my hands out to brace myself. My knee landed square on the edge of the raised sidewalk outside the store.

I quickly got up, and two guys who were having lunch on a picnic table outside the store (weird, huh?) jumped up and were asking me if I was OK. I kept telling them I was fine, that it just scared the you-know-what out of me. They helped collect all the things that jumped out of my purse, I went inside, got my drink and was thinking my left arm kinda hurt.

I got to work, my knee was hurting, and every now and then, if I moved my left arm just so, it hurt (I tried not to move it to keep from hurting). Within a few hours, my knee was swelling, it was bruising - and it hurt like H-E-double hockey sticks.

I found a large baggie in my drawer, loaded it with ice and propped my leg up on the trashcan underneath my desk. Still, I had moments where it hurt so bad it brought tears to my eyes (shut up, I'm a girl, that's OK). I went home, fell asleep by 12:15 and did not move all night. Once Charley woke my up at 7AM, I got up and drove myself to the Med Clinic. A "doctor" looked at me, said my knee was not broken (duh), but that it would have a nice bruise. Really? Nice bruise? Jerk. My arm was determined to not be broken. He told me to keep ice on my knee today and to try to stay off it. THANKS. I didn't even get good drugs! So, I'm trying to stay off it, and I really just want to sleep. Instead, I'll finish this post, try to take a nap, then go to work and pray tonight's NBA game does not go into overtime.

I'll post pictures of my knee when I feel up to it. Right now, I'm just sleepy.
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