Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Down With DHL!

I was supposed to get my new laptop yesterday. Dell shipped it in two packages - one with the computer, another with the cushion & USB stuff. I went to check with the receptionist and learned there was nothing for me. About half an hour later, I had a delivery. It was very light. It was the non-laptop package.

So, I go back to the DHL page and see an "LHamton" signed for it. I learn there's no one in the building with that name. I call DHL. It's one of those automated systems where you speak to the computer and it figures out where to transfer you. I finally get a real, live person and am interrogated.

DHL: Are there other suites in your building?
Me: No. (Just the ghetto-like building with the AC that was not working -making me cranky and the newsroom smell like a locker room).
DHL: Are you sure there's no one in the building with that name?
Me: Yes.
DHL: Well, that delivery office is closing, so it may not be until tomorrow until we can figure out what happened.
Me: So what happens if you can't get this package back?
DHL: You'll have to file a claim.
Me: ARRRRRRGH! (I'm turning into Charlie Brown)

About an hour later, I get a call from the local DHL office. I'm asked the same questions. I write this at 10:25 waiting for them to get back to me. I know as soon as I hop in the shower, they'll call. I'm really hoping by the time I get to work in the afternoon, my new, shiny fuchsia laptop will be waiting for me. Keep your fingers crossed!
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