Saturday, June 14, 2008

Walking In An Intern, Going Out A Wrestler?

That's Danny Boy is his final hours in our newsroom. He actually earned that mask from Mario. He gave Mario a mug for Father's Day. Mario gave him the mask. Is Mario his father? I mean, he's old enough to be...

Anyway, this is my shout out to Danny. He was a fine intern - at least that's what I learned in my limited time with him. He and I weren't on the same schedule for most of his time here. I can say this about him: he always had a good attitude about things (unless you dared talk trash about the Lakers around him - then, he was pretty cutthroat). I hope he enjoys the rest of his summer in Washington, D.C. And if he encounters a scandal, he'd better drop everything and give us the 4-1-1.

Bye bye, Danny Boy!
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