Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Winners & Losers

We are a newsroom divided. There are Spurs fans who rooted for the team to win another championship. There are those who don't mind the team being in playoffs, except for the fact that it can ruin vacations, as they'll have to work during the finals.

It's the usual playoff dilemma...until this year. We have an intern from Northwestern named Danny. He's from LA. He's a Laker's fan (apologize to him, not me). Since we know how that series went down, take a look at Danny celebrating his victory.

Danny showing Trevor how it's done
Trevor going all "West Coast" on us

I won't tell you about the trash talking between these two over the last couple of weeks, but it was, at times, fierce. I don't mean that in a gay way. These two boys are not into each other. In fact, you should look at Julie's blog if you don't believe me.

Here's to the Lakers - and Danny Boy, who leaves us this week. I only wish he had been allowed to work nightside so we could have worked together a little more.
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