Friday, June 20, 2008

Bad Vacation Eve

So, last night, I'm at work, and all of a sudden, I'm freezing. Then, my head hurts. Next, my throat. I go get a sweatshirt out of my car, hoping it's not a big deal. Within a couple of hours, I realize I am, in fact, getting sick.

I come home, take my temperature (101) crawl into bed well before midnight (a rare thing). I fall asleep before The Daily Show. I wake up at 7AM and wonder why my head is wet. I sit up, look at the pillow and realize my adorable little kitten has decide to relieve himself on my pillow. I try to yell at him, I have nearly no voice. It's a loud whisper. I get up, take a shower, hoping that will make me feel better. Nope. I actually had to text my boss my sorry excuse for staying home the day before my vacation starts. I have stripped my bed, and am wondering if I should throw out the pillow or if I can wash it?

My fever has broken (at least it's below 100), but my throat still hurts. My ears hurt, too. I managed to give a friend a job reference - HR people must not care about sickness. Chaplin has crawled onto my chest and passed out. Charley is laying next to me. I'm wondering if I should go to the doctor now - or if I should wait to see if I'm better in the morning. Somehow, blogging seems silly right now, though I've given you a full post. I'm going to have some soup and take a nap and see how things go.
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