Wednesday, June 4, 2008

OOPS! Don't Do It!!!

We did a story last month about a local guy who's peddling a device he claims can triple the fuel efficiency of your car. Sounds good right?

It's a whole lot of science involving hydrogen and bit of monkeying around under the hood (I believe that's official mechanical jargon - but if that's not good enough for you, go here). Once the thingamajig is in place, it looks like this:
This morning on GMA, they looked at a handful of things promising to increase fuel efficiency. Guess what, this thing was one of them they say is NO GOOD! If you were looking into this, you should know it could void your warranty! It's something our weather guy questioned in this blog post. (I know the station was supposed to get one of the live trucks fitted with this contraption - hope that's on hold!)

You can see the ones they looked into here. It appears the best one is a gadget that basically beeps at you when you're accelerating and braking quickly (if I had one of those, I'd call it a "jerk" every time it beeped at me on the commute - then again, that could make the carpool interesting).
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