Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dirty Boys

In the news biz, we have special names for things. For example, you might call a story by it's name or title - we use the word "slug." Tonight, I made the mistake of using an abbreviation which had the boys in the producer pod (the newsroom spot where us producers are corralled for the day) making it sound dirty.

I had a story about a sex offender who was driving a limo full of teenagers to their prom. I had to abbreviate the slug, and here's what it looked like.That's right. It says "sex off."

When Trevor said, "Sex off!" I wasn't sure what he was talking about. Until he said he was going to write "sex off." I thought, "What the - " and then looked at the rundown and saw that. He and Josh would randomly say "Sex off!" the rest of the evening and it made me giggle. It sounded like some sort of competition - though knowing it was a sex offender behind the wheel of a car full of potential victims, I suppose it kind of was.

"Sex off."

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