Friday, January 7, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Ladies, if you like this, you'll love this.

If you were holding out for a Friends reunion, maybe you should get another hobby.

Soon, you can smell like Rihanna.

This young actress has slimmed down - but don't look at her.

Aretha Franklin says she's all good now.

Kathie Lee Gifford will never read this.

Why don't actors who drink hire a driver? See this mugshot for a reason why they should.

ICYMI: The People's Choice Awards were this week.

Look closely for the baby bump.

Hmmm... Not sure I'd take fashion advice from a 4-year-old.

Sean Penn's divorce wasn't cheap.

Oh, this is probably not a good idea (or likely to be a good seller).

Elton John is the biological father of his son.

That girl who doesn't want to be called Snooki wakes up in trash cans. Of course she does.

I'm sure this living situation was just a smidge uncomfortable.

Nick Lachey's assistant might be ... Nick Lachey?

Courtney Love's Twitter rant has gotten her in some legal trouble.

Eva Longoria suffered a makeup malfunction.

I really hope Betty White doesn't mean this.

Roseanne is old.

Take a break and watch this.

ATTENTION ACTORS: If you're making a lot of money, you definitely need to hire someone to make sure your taxes are paid.

This story is sweet (but why is Jennifer Aniston doing the interview?).

Hey! Montel Williams is alive!

This news does not make me want to see Burlesque.

Actress + Rapper = Happily Ever After?

Unless your name is Beyonce, don't do this.

I'm suddenly not looking forward to seeing this magazine in my mailbox.

From what I've heard on The View, this lady needs some lovin' - and it appears she's got it.

This couple has already called it quits.

I don't know if this is true, but if it is, LeAnn Rimes is stupid.

Look, Lady Gaga, I'm gonna buy your album. You don't have to do this. And this kind of freaks me out.

Friends, please don't buy Snooki's book. Just read this.

Jason Schwartzman has a new baby.

This singer's reality show already sounds boring.

Are these two really "just friends?"

Each week, I'm a little more impressed by  James Franco.

I cannot believe this actress turned 50!

This is how Fergie does vacation.

I want Drew Barrymore's new house.

His reality show was canceled, but The Hoff is still working.

Oh, young, rich love.

Not sure that I buy this is Kathy Griffin's reason for targeting a teenager.

The Jolie Pitts aren't just saving children, they're saving animals now, too.

That girl with the annoying voice is single.

Yikes! Chuck Berry collapsed on stage.

Bad news for Zsa Zsa Gabor.

I don't think these people understand 30 Rock is fiction.

Happy New Year.

Lindsay Lohan is back on Twitter. And she's out of rehab, so hide your drugs, America! But she may be headed to jail anyway.

This weirdo entered rehab.

This guy didn't waste any time moving on.

This seems like a strange way to parent, Elton John.

Valerie Bertinelli tied the knot. So did Shania Twain. So did this country singer. So did this rocker.

Rest in peace, Gerry Rafferty.

R.I.P. Anne Francis.
Also, R.I.P. Bill Erwin.

And R.I.P. Pete Postlethwaite.
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