Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You Asked For It!

Sometimes, you see a hot car.

You know, the car you might spend your lottery winnings on. Or the car you park next to and think, just for a second, about hitting it with your car door (THE NERVE OF SOMEONE DRIVING A CAR LIKE THAT!).

Not that I've done that.

But you know what's worse than seeing a hot car? Seeing one with this license plate.

Oh? You want me to take a picture of your car? Is that why the license plate says FOTO 4 U? 


And, sporty car owner, you should know, that's pretty douchebaggy of you. But I guess you win - if you ever see this post.

BTW - I must thank Adam for sending this to me months ago. I've been busy and haven't taken the time to mock those with personalized license plates. I'M BAAAAAAAAACK!

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