Saturday, January 29, 2011

I Knew This Looked Familiar

Ever since I saw the lovely Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet during this year's Golden Globes, I thought there was something very familiar about her hair.
It wasn't the pretty (no doubt very expensive) barrette pinned on the side.

It was that blown back, teased part. Not only did it make me wonder how the heck she could ever relax without ruining it - or (THE HORROR) losing that barrette? But where had I seen this hairstyle before? Not on Scarlett.

Then, last night, while watching Teen Mom 2 (shut up - don't judge), I saw a commercial that made me shout "A HA! THERE IT IS!"
That ad for a Trojan "massager." The ladies who have used it all surprise their girlfriends with the same hair! Now, I don't know how no one noticed their hair was shellacked back as if they used a whole can of hairspray, then hopped in a wind tunnel for that effect. But I do know that it is some bad hair. My bed hair even looks better than that (though I won't be posting a photo here or anywhere else).

Just a rare mishap for the lovely Scarlett. It's unfortunate that her hairstylist seemed to play a prank on her. It might be worse that I have seen this commercial before and could not remember what it was advertising, but those bad hairstyles stuck with me.
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