Sunday, January 30, 2011

Ugh. THIS Guy.

Look, fellas, I totally get the whole mid-life crisis thing. But must you really announce it to the world?
First, there's the Porsche. Is there any other flag a dude can waive that says, "I think I'm hot - and you should, too, because my ride is super fly." Oh, and if you talk like that, I believe you're a douchebag. Your fancy car won't impress me. Nor will your multiple gold chains.

Now that we're done admiring your car, let's take a good look at the license plate.
I had no idea what this meant, so I asked the photographer behind the plate for the story.
"A Z06 is the model of Corvette that is the "racing edition" so i would assume that this dbag thinks he has the Porshe version of a Z 06."
Oh.  So it's not enough to have a car that can go really fast, this guy must insult other guys in fast cars? I get it now. He clearly has a small wiener. If you know him, please tell him I'm sorry about that.

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