Sunday, January 23, 2011

Facebook Did Not Nail It

Seriously, Facebook, if not for the fact that I can look at my friends' cute baby pictures and roll my eyes at their posts, I would quit you.

You have repeatedly creeped me out with your ads (see posts here).

As well as you think you know me, you continue to show me that your data gathering is a bit off. This is the latest example.
First of all, I don't like nails that are that long. Stuff collects under them (which I think is a health hazard), it's too hard to make actual contact with things and they just scream escort/private dancer/girl who has a sugardaddy (not the candy).

Second, the idea of putting that nail "art" on my fingers seems like such a huge waste! I type for a living. I can barely keep the O.P.I. on my nails for two days before it starts chipping! A crazy pattern - I mean, what REAL people do this? And if you say to me, "Basketball Wives do it!" I will tell you those bitches are crazy. And their crazy can be measured by the size of their hoop earrings. Wait. I just made the connection: hoop earring wearers date/had babies/divorced basketball players. Clever.

I really wish Facebook would get a little smarter and place ads that actually appeal to me on their pages. Now, because of this post, I'll probably get more nail ads, which I'll just ignore - or publish here. Depends on my mood (currently: annoyed).
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