Friday, January 28, 2011

Week In Pop Culture

Julianne Moore is such a good sport!
Robert Redford says he's not asked to be in movies anymore.

Here's the worst celebrity influence of the year.

Wish I could get excited about this Charlie's Angels reboot.

Author Terry McMillan thinks those super cute Smith kids have problems. I think she wants some attention.

I think it's funny that these guys were "whipping their hair."

This sequel is not necessary.

Wondering what Tracy Morgan thinks of Sarah Palin? Here you go.

I refuse to even sample the music from this fame-whoring couple.

Kinda glad this guy turned down Modern Family.

Hugh Jackman has a big (snow) ball.

If this happens, I will be the first in line to buy tickets to the next Superman.

If this happens, I will quit Snow White.

Helena Bonham Carter doesn't care if I think she looks like a crazy homeless lady.

Charlie Sheen might die. Or he'll live forever. And I don't believe the hernia story.

John Travolta said "No" to Glee.

I had no idea people were claiming Jennifer Hudson is illumanti.

I have a feeling the Lady Gaga perfume will make me feel pukey.

This makes me think The Office is getting back to the funny business.

I already have high hopes for this show.

Still not convinced Angie Harmon is not a dude.

L-O-V-E: A slideshow of celebs gone Black Swan!

Only one of these guys would make me wish ____ & Kelly was on the air here.

OOOH! I could totally start watching MSNBC (if this is true).

I don't understand why so many stars want to be in this movie.

Here's a reality show for me!

A couple of big stars had a big bomb at Sundance. Or did they?

I have a sneaky suspicion this might be the most sexy baby ever. Aaaannndd I just creeped myself out by typing that.

This kid could probably knock me out.

This just in: Jesse James is still an idiot.

Here's Demi Moore pulling a Nicole.

This girl FINALLY shaved her legs. HINT: It's not me. I do that on the regular.

This totally makes me want to see Love and Other Drugs. CAUTION: NSFW.

Bret Michaels had heart surgery.

I didn't love Avatar, but I still haven't decided on whether I'll need to see the sequels.

The Oscar nominations have been made. NOTE: I have seen all the best picture nominees except "Toy Story 3." I'll get to it.

Also, the Razzie nominations were announced.

Definition of desperate: the girl who has picked out three engagement rings.

Because all the credible journalists do this.

Either someone needs to teach Gwyneth Paltrow how to get out of a car or she needs attention.

Madonna has decided to change the spokesgirl for her daughter's clothing line.

I think this means Bruce Willis won't be working with Kevin Smith again.

Keanu Reeves says there are more Matrix movies to come. Maybe I'd be excited if I had seen one? Oh, wait. That might not be true.

This Anthony Hopkins role sounds interesting.

Looks like Wonder Woman might be back on TV after all.

I think Jessica Simpson may be wasting God's time.

Suri Cruise is seriously cute.

Zsa Zsa is back home.

2011 is off to a rough start for Jaime Pressly.

Oprah's big secret was revealed. Meh. I found this Oprah news a little more interesting.

Least shocking news: Aaron Carter is in rehab.

Well, this just confirms my Steve Harvey theory: he's no good.

Oh, this is a tough call for the voters.

NBC is getting a Glee-like show.

Ivanka Trump is going to be a mom.

Rest in peace, Jack LaLanne.

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