Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not THIS Guy!

I am kind of missing my carpool days. Not because it kept me from filling up my gas tank once a week, but mainly because I am missing out on opportunities to photograph some license plates on the highway. It's just too dangerous for me to try to get a good picture while keeping my eyes on the road (and fiddling with my iPod - there, I said it). So, this highway picture comes from Adam.
In case you can't make out the special plate on that Corvette, here's a closer look.
I'm not sure if this guy thinks he's "Beating You," "Biting You" or "Baiting You." Whatever he's trying to say, I do get that he's likely a douche bag in a mid-life crisis. You can't see the driver in the picture, but I imagine he looks a little like this.

And he probably thinks that car will get him a taste of this guy's life.
So, no matter what he says, he's still an old guy in a sports car who probably considers the car and the doctor who prescribes his Viagra his best friends. If he finds this, I'll let him defend himself in the comments section. But I doubt I'm wrong. I've seen this guy a few too many times.

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