Monday, September 13, 2010

We're H-O-T

We suffered through Sunday and are melting on Monday! Just to show you how hot it's been, I snapped this photo last night of the thermostat around 6:45.
It was beyond miserable. I hardly slept, getting up to get a fresh ice pack and wet the dog (he plants himself on the tile or in front of a fan to try to stay cool). I've also been giving him ice cubes all day and night. I swear the dog and cat have looked at me as if to say, "When are you going to make it cool again?"

I wish I had an answer. The A/C company scheduled me for Tuesday. I got all weepy and they said they'd try to get to me today, though I'm not holding my breath. The closer it gets to 5PM, the harder it is for me to be optimistic that we'll all be comfortable soon.

Because I wanted people to understand just how hard it is to tolerate this, I took some video of my dog after he woke from a nap. He had been asleep for about 45 minutes and woke panting.

In the off chance someone from my warranty company, American Home Shield, should see this, I would like him/her to justify how reasonable this is. I have every window in my house open. Every fan is at high speed. It is 90 degrees (for now). And it looks like we have at least one more night before we get any cooler. How could I possibly go to work and close up everything, leaving my pets to suffer - or even die?

Warranties are supposed to offer peace of mind. Mine is making me lose my mind (what the heat doesn't melt). I'm too hot to fight. I have a raging headache. The heat has zapped my appetite. I don't even want a popsicle. I just want my A/C fixed. For good. And I want it done sooner rather than later. I don't think that's too much to ask.
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