Monday, September 20, 2010

I've Got My Eye (Lashes) On You

I have lash envy. My eye lashes aren't teeny tiny and they're not super thin, but, like most girls, I want what I don't have - lashes so long they'd make a deer jealous! I also want them so thick they look like caterpillars. I have been in an endless hunt for the best mascara. I have tried so many different brands that have promised to give me what I want and each time I've been disappointed.

Judging by all the celebrity endorsement deals, I think even the beautiful girls are just like me (if I had an eating disorder and was about five inches taller)! But a closer look revealed a bit of trickery.
I see Jessica Biel and I almost drool over those lashes. The more I stared, the more I realized, those lashes were not just a result of that Revlon mascara.
Look at the different lengths - there are some falsies in there! And it's not just this ad. Take a look at what else I spied:
Maybelline's fake out is a little better. From a distance, those mega-lashes look pretty good. But take a closer look:
The fake lashes are almost the same length as the real ones. But if you look closer to the inner eye, you can see the itty bitty real lashes being swamped by the falsies.

Here's another offender:
Look at those lashes! They almost jump off the page! But when I zoom in, you can see there's more than mascara at play.
Smudgy black eye makeup almost conceals the phony lashes. Look closely and you can see them.

You're probably bored of this by now. I am accepting that my serious case of lash envy can't be cured with mascara - no matter the price or the brand. I'll just keep wishing for Bambi lashes. I can't handle fake lashes - they're too heavy and time consuming.
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