Friday, September 3, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

Celine Dion is huge - and with babies, so no fat joke here.

Keanu Reeves is kinda sad.

Conan announced the name for his new show on TBS.

Look! Ellen Pompeo is a foot freak!

This rapper guy was arrested with drugs again. Yawn.

George Clooney thinks he's a failure and a disappointment. Wow. I'm not even that hard on myself!

Anyone else a little worried about Kelly Osbourne's super skinny appearance?

First Jane Lynch, now Bryan Cranston? I cannot wait for SNL to return! PS - Fingers crossed they have some good musical guests!

New celeb feud: Chris Robinson takes on Taylor Swift?

What is wrong with designers that they won't even make clothes that fit Christina Hendricks?

Is this a new celebrity trick to avoid comments on cellulite or belly bulge while on the beach?

I don't like this alleged new celeb couple.

Really? Shia LaDouche is really worth all that cash?

Here's what happens when Demi Moore shows up at a Snoop Dogg concert.

Lindsay Lohan wants her career back. I wonder if she wants it more than Adderall?

Chad Lowe is sooo over Hillary Swank.

Where do a couple of tattooed celebrities who may/may not be starting a new romance go to get away? Fredericksburg.

One of the original Dancing With The Stars professionals is leaving the show and many guys will be disappointed.

Slash is getting divorced.

Well, she's done it. Jessica Simpson now looks like a young Dolly Parton.

I'm putting this item about Crazy Eyes in just for you, Bernice!

I had no idea Jackie Chan had a knack for endorsing horrible products.

Here's Anne Hathaway on the set of a movie based on a book I really loved.

Possible casting news from SNL.

How has my beloved Betty White never been on "Inside The Actors Studio?"

My favorite MTV reality show girls looks like she should be eating cupcakes, not promoting them.

ICYMI: Here are red carpet pictures from the Emmy Awards.

And this might be the best opening number ever.

One more Emmy note: could The Clooney be any more handsome? I know the "Modern Family" cast is with me on this.


Paris Hilton was arrested. Again. With drugs. Again. And WTF is up with her mugshot - IT'S NOT A PHOTO SHOOT! Also, hard to deny you weren't carrying your bag when you tweeted your love for YOUR new bag. Dumbass.

John Cusack announced his next movie role on Twitter.

Heeding my advice, George Michael is going to rehab.

R.I.P., Cammie King Conlon.
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