Friday, September 17, 2010

Week In Pop Culture

Freida Pinto. WOW!

I am already fascinated by this Freddie Mercury movie!

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are holding their own rally in D.C.

Looks like the Douglas family can't catch a break.

Oh, Betty!

That Joaquin Phoenix documentary is a fake. What a coincidence! I'm gonna fake that I've seen it!

Jennifer Hudson keeps losing weight.

In case you were wondering, LeAnn Rimes has found a way to justify her cheating.

Why, Elle? Why? And don't tell me to lighten up!

Liam Neeson is dating again.

Now that I know the release date of the Justin Bieber 3D movie, I know which weekend to avoid the theaters.

Josh Brolin shares a whole lot of information.

I still think Drew Barrymore is adorable.

This movie has potential, but I just can't believe it will deliver.

I don't know what Taylor Momsen is, but I do have a not-so-nice opinion of her.

Here's one more reason I LOVE HBO!

This possible new coupling is interesting.


Jennifer Lopez's American Idol salary is obscene. Still not watching.

Rod Stewart is trying to be the world's oldest new father.

Lindsay Lohan might host SNL.

George Michael is going to jail. Just hope he doesn't drive there!

This is the face of French Vogue (editor, Carine Roitfelt). I now totally understand why models always look sad and hungry.

Penelope Cruz is allegedly pregnant. Wait. She is pregnant.

When Sofia Vergara says she looks like a stripper, I don't think she realizes strippers WISH they looked like her.

Owen Wilson is trying hard not to win me back.

What happened to Robert Redford?

ICYMI: VMA fashion not to be duplicated:

And if you want to see what the "normal" stars wore to the VMAs, here you go.

Kanye and Taylor are all good now.

One more VMA note: super lame feud.

Maybe you'll go GaGa over this perfume?

Mario Lopez has a baby girl.

Michael Richards is being sued for punching a paparazzo.

Teri Hatcher is training for a triathlon and this is one of the photos she posted on her Facebook page.
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